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financial literacy and student-Why It Matters

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financial literacy and student-Why It Matters -

Very quickly, your high school will go to college. And while you have provided your son or daughter with instructions dorm room equipment, kitchen and laundry last minute and needed a generous supply of pantry items for meals-on-the- go, have you had that very important to talk with your child?

no, not that a that of money, finance and the use of credit cards. For many college-age students, the focus of the next four years will probably be on the school solvency. So they know that higher education comes at a price, they imagine they are going to worry about pesky student loans later, once they are out of school and into the workforce.

But the reality may be far from rosy. According to a story from the Associated Press, more than half of BA graduates under the age of 25 were unemployed or underemployed in 2011, the highest share in at least 11 years. When you consider that the payments of student loans will come in postgraduate reason and 64% of Millennials financed their education up to a total of student debt that exceeded $ 1 trillion at the end of 2012, according to financial protection consumer Bureau-it is not surprising that the debt burden carried by Geny-ers today is their greatest financial concern.

And along those same lines, a Wells Fargo survey showed that the Millennials believe that financial literacy should be taught, either in high school or college or by parents . But even if you have not discussed this, it is not too late. LIFE has tools to help you help your child become financially aware.

Start with the resources available on the next generation website . The site offers a range of free resources focusing on five key areas of risk, life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and financial planning and includes quizzes, family activities, glossaries with terms and phrases related to insurance and financial planning, and a video library.

Then explore the materials on the LIFE website, such as life lessons videos (such as those about Brittney LaCombe and Jermaine Suggs and realLIFEstories like about Missy Junk customize role insurance plays in. protect the future of the family, especially the section for single focuses on three key areas :. controlling debt, save money and protect the assets and income with insurance

living calculators, such as life insurance needs calculator, can you and your students useful information on how to assess their need for coverage and potential risks, while this blog offers short articles on the role of planning and provide financial assurance.

Finally, involve your students in discussions on family budgets and finance, and inform them of your meetings with insurance professionals. They will learn to make decisions about insurance coverage and investment, which will provide them with useful information when they need to make the same decisions and choices.

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My Journey to Freedom Debt

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My Journey to Freedom Debt -

Marshall shares her story under the sponsorship LIFE Movement of debt, which aims to help people pay their debt . There is $ 2,000 of debt LIFE Scholarship recipient. LIFE encourages people taking personal financial responsibility and debt reduction is an important step to achieve this goal. -Editors

My journey of debt is not a personal trip but an adventure with my beautiful wife, Sarah, and our three beautiful children as Tatum, Caleb and Emma. I am 37 years old and married for 15 years. I went to different levels of debt since I was 17. I brought into our marriage and debt continued to aggravate the problem by accumulating additional debt. My debt problems have become our problems of debt, and we continued to live beyond our means.

This has been our history for the past 20 years. I moved my first debt, owing $ 3,000 on a 1987 Pontiac Firebird, the accumulation of more than $ 65,000 of debt in credit cards, auto loans, student loans and the family debts. In the past, we have made several efforts to get out of debt, but we have lacked focus and intensity. We also lacked discipline and never attempted to reconcile what we won with what we had. This includes our days a week to a month to life in the year. Every day a little worse than the last.

There was no hope. I felt a huge responsibility for jeopardizing the future of my family and mortgaging away tomorrow for a taste of satisfaction today. I could never see a day when we can retire, travel, pay cash for a vehicle, the owner made our house or finance in college. There was not a day we would know predictable financial freedom.

One of "Those" Days

I had a particularly memorable moment ago about 18 months. I remember having "one of those days" when things seemed to accumulate against me. I sat down to collect my thoughts and how we were going to get through another situation where money is abandoned before the end of the month. As I thought, my inner dialogue said, "Hey Marshal Look around Right now, you make more money than you have ever done and you still have the same old problems you had when you! were a kid in college broke! "I remember feeling somewhat stupid as I thought about the situation. I do not act on it right away and we continued to struggle along for about six weeks.

Shortly after, I met with some friends. They were discussing something that I had never considered. To put it simply, they borrow money. I did not think it was possible. After all, we have never been able to save money and I knew that our bills looked like. They suggested a book for me to read. As I read, I was floored. I did not know this way of life was possible. I tend to be skeptical, and I wanted more I pursued more books, six in all. Some of the books were based on faith and others not, but they all told the same story. It was the same thing my story and I'm ready to be debt free.

Get my wife on board

I might have been ready, but Sarah was not as convinced. She was understandably nervous, after all the debt is all we've ever known. It took a lot of discussions to decide that cut our credit cards was a good idea. We have cut and promised that the credit has no place in our future. This was a first for us, about our future in absolute terms. Suddenly our future was not a "date" dream; there was a specific date. In two years, we would be able to do "this" and in five years we could save enough to "it." We began to calculate when we would be debt free. It was so exciting and I remember crying with emotion.

We presented our plan and we started. We saved $ 1000 for emergencies. It took less than two weeks to put this money aside. It was the first time we ever designated the money for an emergency, and I suddenly understood why we do not need more credit cards. It is amazing how such a small amount of money could have a dramatic impact.

working our plan

It took about two months to pay the balance credit card first. It was a liberating experience, and I immediately closed the account. We continued on this path, the repayment of our car, another credit card and line of credit. The numbers almost do not stack. We were so focused and devote every extra penny for the repayment of debt. That's where we are today.

Yesterday, the final payment was made on our last credit card account is being closed. We still have about $ 25,000 in student loans and smaller family debts to repay. We are laser focused on our plan and safely on a path for those paid in December 2013. We can miss this, but it will not be much, and 2014 will be our year debt free.

I have not really allowed myself to dream about our debt free day again. I do not know when we get there, I'm ready for this challenge. I can not wait for the day we begin to save for retirement, the financing of an emergency fund of several months, saving for the college education of our children, and to start paying our mortgage. I do not know what happens beyond that, but I am very happy to know!

Lessons Learned

I would be remiss if I did not take the time to mention some other points. First, the most important lesson I learned on this trip is to say "no." This was an extremely powerful tool in our battle and debt spilled over to other parts of my life. I lost over forty pounds in not telling me.

He taught me to have more patience with Sarah and our children, which has strengthened our relationship. And it allowed me to enjoy my work more than ever! It allowed me to enjoy other people and generally have a brighter appearance to life. Our children have noticed the changes and it has a positive impact on the way they perceive finance. It is amazing how good decision making is contagious! Finally, I believe in all that God has placed people and events in my life which has influenced my decision and took me to this path. This short story does not cover all the details of our experience, but there are so many things that can not be explained as a coincidence. I can not tell this story without saying thank you to God.

I think my story does not seem very different from hundreds of other stories of freedom of debt. I agree with that. We won freedom beyond imagination and hope that our story can become a testimony for others to explore their own debt situation of and experience of the liberation of debt freedom.

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Boomer Shares His Eisason life lesson During the life insurance awareness month

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Boomer Shares His Eisason life lesson During the life insurance awareness month -

Imagine this scenario: Two teenagers and a 7 year old suddenly a single parent when their mother died of cancer. Their father is doing his best, but three hours round trip to work, it is difficult to be there as much as he wants for his children. And the fight is not only one of the time because the mother of the child had no life insurance, no money available to pay the extra help they need to take care of all these responsibilities and duties that once handled.

For Boomer Esiason, a former NFL MVP quarterback and now a seasoned radio broadcaster and television, this scenario was too real. He was 7 years old who saw his father, Norman, struggle to manage the dual responsibility of being the only parent and breadwinner. "They gave me a life lesson early," Boomer said. "It was not the easiest life of my father sacrificed a lot."

Unfortunately, Boomer circumstances are too real for many other households where a key supplier of the family died and that being under or uninsured, close left reeling from the emotional loss and financial hardship. statistics show that only 44% of households have individual life insurance, which, combined with a reduction in the number of consumers with group insurance, leaving about a third of people without insurance at all. And a third of those with life insurance do not think they have enough

which group do you belong :. the the underinsured or uninsured group lucky enough insurance to ensure that would be left behind? If you're not sure, then this month, which is life insurance awareness month is the ideal time to conduct an assessment of the insurance.

where to start

Make a list of your current insurance coverage and individual life group, the amount of benefits for each type and your total coverage. (Hint :. This is also a good time to make sure your beneficiary information is updated)

Then use the life insurance life needs calculator to determine how much your family will need when you are gone, not only to pay final expenses, but also future income is needed to support the household. (Note: Even if you are not financially contribute to the household for example, you can be a parent, your role is in the home has a dollar value if you are not there, chances are that someone one would have to. be hired to manage part or all of the responsibilities that fell under your jurisdiction.)

Surprised by the amount of the calculator recommends should be provided for? Many people are! Now it's time to call an insurance professional who can advise you on the best type of life insurance to buy to meet your needs and goals:

  • the term life insurance provides protection for a specific period of time ( "term") - from one to 30 years with 20 years as Commonwealth and generally pays a benefit only if you die during the
  • permanent "term." life insurance provides lifetime protection while providing the ability to accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis, and remain in force as long as premiums are paid. Permanent insurance includes whole life, variable universal life and variable universal life life.

Your insurance advisor can also recommend some options and riders to consider such as accelerated death benefits and advise you on medical tests will be needed before the policy is in force.

Make sure you understand all the options, the cost of your premiums and the amount of benefits of the policy. As for naming beneficiaries, the following suggestions may be helpful :.

  • name always one "contingent" or secondary beneficiary, just in case you Outlive your primary beneficiary
  • When naming beneficiaries, be precise to avoid confusion and ensure that the person received the amount of the benefit.
  • Select a specific beneficiary, rather than having the proceeds of your life insurance paid to your estate. This allows the recipient to access funds immediately, rather than waiting until the policy requires approval with the rest of your assets.

Be intelligent life insurance. Use Life Insurance Awareness Month to ensure that you do everything you can to protect those you love!

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Get Your Medical Information organized

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Get Your Medical Information organized -

October is the Month Organize your medical information, month to get all your medical information and related documents in a single, easy to find location. medical-history-300x201

Why is this important? Imagine this scenario: There was an accident and you are unconscious and on the way to the hospital. You can not provide the medical team with information about your condition, medications you take or doctors who provide your care. And the family member, spouse, brother, parent, or child who has to rush to your side is so distraught that he or she can not remember the answers to these questions of crucial importance.

Sometimes-more often we can achieve. And when it happens to us or someone we love, we realize the importance of having all these details updated and accessible in an emergency.

Like the slogan LIFE Foundation said, life goes on, and that no one can avoid these types of events, these practical tips, techniques and strategies can make a difficult situation a little less stressful.

This October, make it a priority to get medical information organized for each family member. It will definitely be worth if and when life happens!

Think ICE. No, we do not want frozen water, but ICE as in "In Case of Emergency" - the designation for the people in your life who can answer at least some basic questions about you and your health. If you are unable to speak for yourself, emergency personnel might refer to your phone to find someone who can and having some people listed as your ICE contacts can save time and provide valuable information

How do .: in the list of contacts in your cell phone, identifying members and / or family friends with the key ICE designation before their name: "ICE My Son Joe" or "ICE Mom." also include the name of your doctors- "ICE Dr. Smith, a cardiologist." (for more details, visit this page WebMD.) While you're at it, print the names and ICE numbers and keep them in your wallet, just in case!

Create a health profile. in an ideal world, we would follow our medical records from birth to the end, with each doctor who crosses our path with access to the history of our health. but this is the reality. people change doctors, practices close, records are lost. It is for you to keep this flow of information. This allows your current doctor and emergency personnel with important information that could be relevant to the problem you are having at the moment

How :. Enter the following information and the relevant dates: all surgeries or treatments significantly, conditions or illnesses that you have been diagnosed in the past or currently have, and food or environmental allergies you have. Make a second list that details the diseases or health problems of members of the immediate family were, in case there might be a genetic component. (For more information, see this article

List your "drug regime." In an emergency, it is important that medical staff know what medication or supplements for sale free as you take on a regular basis. This may help prevent drug interactions that could prove dangerous or even life threatening

How :. Enter the following information for each prescription and the medicines on sale free as well as vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements you take on a regular basis: the name (brand and generic, if applicable), the dosage amount and frequency, the name of the doctor who prescribed and why the medication (what state it is). also note if you eat large amounts of a specific food, in the case that may affect your health or results of specific laboratory.

Please fill out legal documents. There are two key documents that relate to your health: a living will and a power of health care attorney. The first covers your wishes regarding medical treatment you want to receive or refuse and under what conditions. The second gives a spouse, family member or trusted friend the right to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so. (Go to this page LIFE for details.)

How: You can prepare the documents yourself or a lawyer to prepare for you. This page AARP provides links to forms for each state. Download the form for your state and to complete it. It is a good idea to give the person designated a copy of the documents so they are prepared for emergencies.

Compile your insurance information. Home and auto insurance, life, health insurance and disability, these policies are part of the benefits of membership or are for specific diseases, it is not uncommon to have several policies that offer different benefits or apply single case, which makes it even more important to have a current inventory of them.

How to. Join all your current insurance policies (policy type and number) of the company and contact information of your agents and, if necessary, the beneficiary (s). Store the actual policies in a fireproof box or safe at home, and keep a copy of the policy or at least the page statements and the inventory list offsite (with another family member , your lawyer or executor, for example).

now, you can be easier, knowing that you have all your important information organized.

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6 things to do when you get a raise at work

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6 things to do when you get a raise at work -

When you get a raise at work, you feel not only great because your job performance has not passed unnoticed, but you also get a better sense of job security. Of course, this also means more money in your pocket, which can lead to irresponsible spending instead of taking personal accountability and invest in your future. What you need to focus on is creating good spending habits immediately.

First of all, you need to prioritize. Ask yourself if these key items you've been meaning to buy are really important. Go ahead and revel in your success conservative, but plan what you need to do before you woman with champagne want to make extra money.

Here are some simple tips on what to do when you get a raise at work.

1. Sit on it for a bit.

Before you begin making new purchases, take some time getting used to the dynamics of your biggest salary. One thing you will notice is that you get more taxed. The more money you make, the more money the IRS will take. For example, the sister of my friend got a raise from $ 10,000 last year, but his paycheck every two weeks only increased by $ 0. So wait and see how this new increase, you actually get to the house before making decisions.

2. Pay off debt.

Do you have credit card debt or student loans? If you have one, high-interest debt, accelerate your payments. Start with the highest interest debt and pay it first, or consider a balance transfer promotion at 0% APR, however, does not mean delay saving for retirement, so remember to always contribute to your 401 (k) and individual retirement account.

Without debt, you will be able to save more money. Not only will you improve your credit score, which can save you thousands in interest payments when buying a house or a car, but you'll also reduce stress, improve your physical health and feel a great sense pride. All this will motivate you to continue to spend responsibly.

3. Adjust your retirement plans.

After reviewing your debt and liabilities, it is time to take your pension plan. If you have more disposable income, you can start maxing out your retirement, especially if your employer offers a 401 (k) matching. By contributing to your retirement, you can not have extra money left for the newest iPhone or a big screen TV, but you will win the future financial security.

4. Review your insurance policies.

Have you all the basics of estate planning? Do you own a life insurance and disability insurance? If not, you are well informed about all the different types of life insurance available beyond any traditional term, whole or universal policies? Re-evaluate your insurance needs to determine if your current policies adequately cover your family's important when you experience a significant increase in revenues.

5. Except for the tax season.

If you are really looking forward to this tax refund, remember that the more you do, the more you are taxed. Having a higher income means that you can be in a new tax bracket and ineligible to take the credits and deductions you are accustomed.

6. Celebrate your success-frugally.

The journey to financial independence does not mean you have to deny yourself anything beyond the absolute necessities of life. Life is a marathon and constant hard work can lead to burnout. An evening of fun can go a long way towards keeping your sanity.

What is important is doing it in moderation. Buying a new gadget or vacation planning should depend on the size of your recovery and you have the budget for.

In short

Congratulations on your recovery! You clearly did a good job and should be proud of you. Celebrate modestly then get back to work for a better future for you and your family.

Have you had a big raise at work lately? Let us know what you have done with the extra money in your paycheck. fun and exciting stories are welcome too!

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No One is promised a future

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No One is promised a future -

Losing a child leaves a hole in your heart that can never be filled.

My daughter, Summer, was all you could want in a relaxed stepdaughter, fun and very intelligent. I was so proud of what she was doing on her own only 22. She was working full time as a waitress and going to school full-time for premed studies.

She was also pregnant with her first child, and was smart enough to realize that she needed life insurance summer and nathan to protect her family to be.

I our insurance agent, Christie, to thank for that. When Christie learned that summer was going to be a mom, she made sure to let Summer know how life insurance was, especially for a single mother.

I told Summer to hold off on getting the politics because I was worried about her make ends meet each month. But Christie was right. She understood that, although the odds were against everything that happens in the summer at a young age, you never enough, never know. So Christie has helped her to get a policy that, for only $ 12 a month would protect her new baby.

Unfortunately my daughter was hit and killed by a car while walking. His son, Nathan, was only 9 months old at the time.

The money from the summer life insurance policy allowed me to give my daughter a beautiful funeral to make it a party. There would have been no way for me to do this for herself.

The money helped me to take leave after the summer is dead so I could take care of Nathan. This money allowed me to maintain dignity while allowing me the time to cry.

He also paid for the adoption process as well. My husband and I have officially adopted Nathan in May 2013. I've put the remaining money from the policy of the summer aside for the education of Nathan. It is now 6 and prosperous!

It is still difficult for me to share this story, but I think it's very important to let other young people know that there is no promise of tomorrow, and you need to prepare for what life insurance. Please do not expect

(Editor's Note: You can watch their story here).

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Help Struggling student

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Help Struggling student -

The transition from high school and college and your adolescence to adulthood is a challenge for everyone. But when the parent of a young person dies, it becomes much more difficult, especially if their mom or dad had little or no life insurance coverage. The financial difficulties that result often feel insurmountable. These difficult times are then coupled with pain and, often, children thrust into adult roles to financially support the family or parenting younger siblings.

Such situations are ripe for the kids to just give up on their dreams of obtaining a college education.

This is why every year, the life lessons Scholarship Program grants scholarships only these deserving students. This year, life happens awarded 46 Life Lessons scholarships totaling $ 175,000.

Moving forward after the loss

Mikaela and Sonia are two recipients of scholarships. Their lives were shattered when their parent, and in the case of Sonia, parents and guardians are dead. They remain firm in their dream of getting a college education, however.

Both have been awarded $ 7,500 scholarships, through the Scholarship Program Life Lessons. As part of the scholarship application process, they presented a video about how their lives were changed when their parents died with little or no life insurance.

We ask that you click and view their stories, "like" posts on Facebook, then share them with others. We hope their stories, we can raise awareness of this growing problem. We know that most parents, if they could see their own children through the eyes of Sonia and Mikaela, would get life insurance they need.

Click here to see the story of Sonia.


Click here to see the history of Mikaela.


By sharing these videos will help you to raise awareness and spread the word. You will also help these young women receive an additional $ 4,000 in scholarship money. For every "like" on these messages and videos viewed from now until June 30, life happens will donate an additional $ 1 to the scholarship fund up to $ 4,000. Look like and share

This is the URL that you can share as follows:

The history of Mikaela:

the story of Sonia:

You can also make an individual tax deductible donation to the fund scholarships to www.lifehappens .org / donation.

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What happens when the money is yours to take?

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What happens when the money is yours to take? -

I was interested to see an animated conversation on a blog about retirement. Talk turned to the subject of the right way to invest for retirement. Should it be systematic investment with the average purchase or market timing (buy low / sell high)

But here's the other side of the coin on the average purchase and market timing on retirement savings :? What will you AA retired couple do when it's time to start making money?

most of us are used to manage our household "wages" we get once or twice per month from our employer. What happens when these controls stop and now you must choose between your retirement investments and decide which ones to keep and which ones to liquidate or draw from? The thought that goes through his head probably is, "I better not make a mistake or I could run on income."

I think the management of investments for retirement income in the phase of "distribution" is much more frightening than to determine how to invest during the "accumulation." At least in the accumulation phase, you have a little time on your side. In distribution, there is no time to make investment mistakes or market downturn.

We should all seek guarantees, at least for recurrent costs such as housing, food, taxes, etc., which must be available no matter what. If you do not feel equipped you to do it on your own, I suggest looking for objective advice of an agent or adviser.

In addition, if you are still rebuilding your retirement nest egg after the Great Recession, it is logical to consider life insurance to ensure that your spouse or partner would be OK if some thing happened to you before reaching this goal.

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Reconstruction of the House

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Reconstruction of the House -

We finally arrived at the end of a long but very interesting process total and complete overhaul of our website. And as I tried to boil down last year in a blog post, I hope you find the following process, and get a sense of laptop with images thinking that led this process.

This began almost exactly a year ago, when we sat down as a team and asked a simple question, what are the most important things of our new website should do? The criteria that we have created not only guided the selection process, but a Web site you see today. They were as follows :.

  1. Having a way to effectively browse the content for both the consumer and the industry professional Due to technical limitations inherent in our old site, professionals in the industry had only a small icon in the upper right corner to access the wealth of resources that lie ahead. Which leads me to # 2 ...
  2. Substantially revise the structure and site navigation to facilitate content discovery. Our old site had so many navigational elements and sub-navigation and even sub-navigation that it was often very difficult to find what you are looking for.
  3. Build social media in our site a real and integrated manner. When we began the redesign process, we had almost 125,000 fans on Facebook (today we are more than 0,000), but there was zero tie-in to that on our website.
  4. Integrating our blog on the site, and try to build a model "newsroom" of creating content continuously. Our blog were hundreds of articles written over several years. And yet, it was very difficult or impossible to find the blog to any real extent. He stayed on the outskirts, even if it was the rich content of our site.
  5. Create a new video section of our website, where videos could be discovered and viewed easily. We are an organization of narration, and videos are among our most powerful assets. Yet more often than not, we led people to our YouTube channel because of the limits to discover the videos on our website and watch.
  6. Designing the new site so as to capitalize on mobile traffic. at this stage last year, mobile (both tablets and phones) accounted for almost 20% of our traffic, and we knew it would only increase.

Once we had listed these goals, developing a "request for proposal" that we could send design companies to find the best solution was a simple process. From a field of about 15 companies, we selected Domani Studios, Brooklyn, NY, a decision that will prove very fortuitous, as they have been amazing partners in this process.

Content is King

We knew we needed to take a comprehensive look at our content engine that we use to inform and educate consumers. He had accumulated over the years, and was now so large that many sections have been re-written from the ground.

Once we had finalized drawings, we were finally able to interact with the content on the test site as a consumer would. It was exciting to see the new content planned in clean designs. However, we saw that we could greatly improve the user experience.

Our old site was like the proverbial information the shopping center was everywhere, but it should fall over. With this new website, we decided to help consumers through the stages of both understanding why they needed insurance coverage, then how to get . This step by step process looks like this:

  1. Understanding if they have a need
  2. If so, find out how much the insurance coverage they need, using a our new redesigned insurance calculators
  3. Next, know what types of options they have to help cover their needs
  4. and finally, how can they buy or get coverage -it could be through the workplace, an agent (using our completely revamped agent Locator), or selecting a company or an online option

a new world for industry professionals

and it wasn 't even the biggest change to our content. As we started to work through the information architecture (IA) stage, we realized that the only way to effectively manage content that is specifically for professionals in the industry, which was housed in you many places, was to create two -site for a consumer education, and the other to help industry professionals.

our organization is supported by our founder 140+ professional associations and member companies. However, in the past, our resources were freely available to everyone could not access the our members only. The question became: Was it fair to our stakeholders

So we decided a "walled garden" was our solution, which is web lingo to create a separate site for members that was available by through a registration process ?. Domani has proposed the creation of an authentication system at several levels that ultimately led to what you see today on the site for industry professionals to We quickly recognized the many benefits that such a system would allow, but complications and change required perimeter was amazing, essentially, we are building two sites, both of which have structures and navigation systems.

To top this experience, we regularly improve functionality on the site. It is built in a responsive design, meaning the site sproperly display on a mobile device, now and in the future. In addition, we added an interactive ideas of life, and life lessons. And finally, we are integrating our new logo (also created by Domani) parts and accessories that will help with the launch.

In short, there has been a busy, busy year, but we are very happy to finally be able to take the wraps and to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments sections, and thank you for your continued support!

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Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics

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Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics -More than 8% of the population of the United States has some form of diabetes. Most diabetics think they are not insurable, that could not be further from the truth. Diabetics can find affordable life insurance, particularly those who control their blood sugar well with diet or oral medications. If you have been diagnosed with late-onset diabetes (after age 50), you may well qualify for affordable rates "above average".So how the life insurance rate the impact of diabetes? The healthier you are the higher the cost of your life insurance. With diabetes, many factors affect your rates. The newest, the best diagnosis, in that, in the long term, sugar drugs in the blood harm our bodies. So, a person with 65 years with the late-onset diabetes is less of a risk for life insurance companies to ensure that 35 years who was diagnosed in adolescence.
If you are consistent with your doctor, rates are generally affordable.
The type of diabetic medications also takes the impact of rates. A type II diabetic taking only oral medication is less of a risk that a diabetic type I insulin. And diabetics control their blood sugar with diet are less of a risk than the other two. Life insurance for diabetics is ultimately like any other health problem: If you are consistent with your doctor, rates are generally affordable. The key is always good control and follow doctors' orders.The following is a list of health conditions that make it difficult for diabetics to qualify for affordable rates.
  • history of heart disease
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure and / or cholesterol
  • using nicotine
  • Kidney disease
  • vascular diseases or stroke
  • neuropathy your limbs or extremities
above the average life insurance rates are available for diabetics that:
  • Control blood sugar well with diet and / or medication
  • Having the fasting blood glucose less than 100
  • you have numbers A1C in 6s ie 6.1 ...
  • If the late onset diabetes diagnosed after the age of 50.
If you are diabetic and looking 'life insurance, make sure you work with a life insurance agent who can look at different companies and help you to "shop around" for the most affordable life insurance rates for your condition. When speaking with an agent, be ready with the details of your health history. The agent is on your team and there to help you get the best rate possible, so that honesty is the best policy.Remember, if you take care of your health, then an agent can take care of you find affordable life insurance rates.

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3 things you should do when you get your first job

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3 things you should do when you get your first job -

Congratulations on landing your first job! Now that you're living, it's time to be proactive in taking care of your insurance. A health insurance portfolio protects your most valuable assets in the event of death, disability or illness. Read on to learn three basic ways to protect you and your family.

1. Get a life insurance check-up.

life insurance is an uncomfortable subject. However, with average funeral costs exceeding $ 7000, your family will have to bear the financial burden if you do not plan ahead. In addition, not all debt is discharged when you die, including some private student loans. If you had a cosigner on a loan, you'll want to check this and protect this person from your debt with a life insurance policy. In addition, the earlier you get better, like buying life insurance while you're young, you can lock at affordable rates.

life insurance provided by the employer, which is often a times your salary may not be enough. Many experts suggest buying coverage equal to seven to 10 times your annual income. Find out how much coverage you need, calculate your total debt mortgages, student loans, credit cards and other obligations, add the expected funeral expenses and factor the cost of providing for all dependents . Or you can use life insurance needs calculator online easy.

Keep in mind that life insurance can offer more than just a death benefit. If you enter from a long-term policy to a permanent policy who accumulates the value of money, you can also enjoy the "benefits of life" of life insurance such as:

  • premium payments which act in part as a savings vehicle
  • the ability to borrow against the value of the money to repay student loans , finance a wedding or buy your first home
  • using the value for money to save for retirement

2. Close the income gap with the Disability Insurance.

Reports of the Directors of Social Security that the average 20-year worker faces a one in four chance of becoming disabled sometime before the age of 67. Despite this statistic gives reflect only a third of American workers are long-term disability insurance. Disability insurance is a stable source of income should you become ill or injured and unable to work. If your employer offers coverage, review the policy carefully to make sure it meets your needs. Ideally it should contain:

  • coverage for 50% to 70% of your income
  • accident and protection of the disease
  • Disability Insurance long term
  • no annual cap
  • benefits for partial and full disability

3. Cover your health.

If your job does not provide health insurance, it is essential that you get a blanket. In fact, it is the law. Even if you are young and healthy, affordable coverage under the new law on health care protects you with maximum out-of-pocket annual and no lifetime limit on benefits. Without health coverage, only one accident or illness could wipe out your savings or you plunge into debt. You have many choices, so shop with private insurers or visit the market Federal Medicare to compare your options.

As a new member of the workforce, you have the power to protect your health, finances and family. A little time spent choosing the right insurance goes a long way towards providing peace of mind and comfort in difficult times.

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A story of life (with a moral)

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A story of life (with a moral) -

It, AOS funny how people sitting next to you on airplanes sometimes open and like to talk. This happened to me last week with a man who looked at me and decided that I was a good person to talk to, or maybe I, AOM just a good listener.

He told me the story of his entire financial life. Don, AOT wonder why. I didn, AOT know him, and he didn, AOT know me, but I listened.

identity stolen twice, divorced twice, both times expensive, and just married to 66 years a little girl who has significant debt.

Life, AOS twists sometimes takes us in directions that we prefer not to go, but still have to deal with.

His career has been varied. Firefighter, CPA, boat captain, electrical engineer and now talk of retirement. He will go from a high income a retiree with low incomes.

During our conversation, one face, one thing became very clear. He had been treated some financial barriers and worked very hard to correct these problems, but these experiences had left him financially apprehension.

These concerns. Can he afford to retire? Can he manage a significantly reduced income? Should it continue to work? Does the employer enable it to work, and if so, for how long? Should it become a consultant to help supplement his income? Does he need to sell his house? Does he need to sell his boat, which, next to his wife he dearly loves?

Many questions with maybe not the answers he wants to hear. Life, AOS twists sometimes takes us in directions that we prefer not to go, but yet to be processed.

The moral of the story is to plan for the future, protect your assets and work with financial advisors man. Life happens, so be prepared.

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Here's why you should consider insurance Long Term Care

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Here's why you should consider insurance Long Term Care -

grown daughter with father What are the long-term care and who may need it? Well, for starters, it is not only the "elderly." In fact, those who need long term care, 37% are 64 and under, according to the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.

long-term care refers to help with daily activities that disabled persons or chronic, lasting more illnesses may need, such as assistance with eating, bathing and dressing. Long-term care also includes assistance for people with cognitive disorders such as disease and Alzheimer's dementia. In addition, this type of care can be provided in a variety of settings, such as your home, assisted living community or nursing home.

What do you think can pay for these health insurance services and disability insurance General not

instead, a typical policy for long term care insurance helps cover the cost of long term care services, including :.

  • Assistance in your home with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, meals and housekeeping services
  • Visit nursing and / or health workers home who come to your home
  • services available in your community, such as adult day care
  • the cost of an assisted living community
  • home care nursing

While the good news is that people are living longer, the bad news is that the increase in life expectancy also increases the chances of needing long-term care services , which can be costly.

Without the long-term care insurance to help cover the cost of needing long term care services, you run the risk of depleting a savings life. With the assurance of long-term care, you are in a better financial position to make the choice of what long-term care services you receive and when you receive them.

In addition the long-term skilled care insurance receives favorable treatment of income tax. The services of qualified assurance of long-term care for the most, are not taxable income for the recipient to a daily limit ($ 330 for 2014).

eligible premiums paid for the insurance of qualified long-term care can be applied to achieve the 7.5% "floor" for medical expense deductions on your tax return on income federal. The amount of allowable long term care premium that can be applied to the floor of 7.5% depends on your age.

Because there are so many factors involved in long-term care insurance, it can seem overwhelming. But an insurance agent can sit with you at no cost, and help you find a policy to meet your needs and budget. If you are not an agent or do not know how to have a choice, you can start here.

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Relief to the sandwich generation

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Relief to the sandwich generation -

Many middle-aged adults are caught between supporting their dependent children while caring for aging parents.

This places those in their 40s and 50s a particularly difficult situation both financially and emotionally. So how can those in the sandwich generation survive without being eaten alive? By planning.

This way of planning the anticipated needs of your elderly parents is to purchase a long term care insurance policy for them. This type of policy provides quality care for your parents while helping to relieve the financial burden and the provision of care you and your family. Be aware, the assurance of long-term care is medically underwritten so that your parents must take a physical and share their medical records during the underwriting process.

In addition, if you are in your 40s or 50s and in good health, it is also a good time to consider buying a policy for yourself while premiums are more affordable.

Take a look at this infographic of LifeHealthPro using statistics from a study by Pew Research. As you can see, the need is real and you have to be prepared for the consequences.

LTCI infogranpic

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Premature death

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Premature death -

I've never believed in coincidences, chance or fate. I felt that my path was determined solely on my own actions and the actions of others has not had much impact on how my path would unfold.

This view changed when my older brother, Don, died suddenly four years ago. To say that his death had a profound effect on our family cvijanovich photo would be an understatement. At the time of his death, he had no life insurance; He died on a Wednesday and when we were at the funeral home on Friday, we were greeted with the brutal realities that death has to offer.

This was the first of many lessons that would be served in the coming weeks, months and years. I isolate the financial impact of death, because it is much too personal to mention other effects just a circumstance like that. How can someone with a wife and three beautiful girls could not have a clean life insurance?

But then there's me ...
Actually, I could not stay in the judgment that I, too, was insufficiently prepared with only a long-term policy modest that I bought 12 years before and a group policy through my employer. It turns out that neither I nor my brother were anomalies, like the majority of Americans are either uninsured or underinsured.

The issue is so widespread that more Americans are uninsured / underinsured that had made adequate life insurance. It adds to the astronomical sum of $ 000000000000 gap. It is in circumstances like these that many life insurance policies are purchased: for those who see the devastation left after premature death. All passages are premature.

If only people who do not have life insurance or enough she could see the world through my lens.

In the months that followed the death of Don, I bought life insurance and felt better than I did. It was noted that life insurance buyers do not understand the value of their policy. In my case, I had a vivid and tangible reminder every time I looked at my wife and three children of my value would provide protection if I had to suffer a premature death. If only people who do not have life insurance or enough she could see the world through my lens, the lens following the death of my brother when the mortgage payment is due, the tax bill during and now college education for her two daughters.

I can not say with certainty what fate role plays in each of our lives, but I can tell you that my brother died on a beautiful day in September, which happens to be insurance -life awareness Month. I wish I could bring him back, but I know I can not. The only thing I can do is to ensure that no other family financially find themselves unprepared in the event of premature death, and I share my story.

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Think You Can not Get Life Insurance if you had breast cancer? Think Again!

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Think You Can not Get Life Insurance if you had breast cancer? Think Again! -

You may think that because you have had breast cancer, you will not be able to get affordable life insurance. This is simply not true! Many breast cancer survivors may qualify for coverage and probably much sooner than they think.

Because of advances in treatment, many life insurance companies have changed their hedging guidelines (aka subscription). This means that officers across the country are able to help their 4 gen of women customers with breast cancer history get affordable life insurance.

The only bad news is that most people, especially the survivors, not breast cancer know that progress in coverage. Securing life insurance for breast cancer survivors can and will protect more families who need this coverage.

Put your agent to work!

Each life insurance company will examine your history of different specific breast cancer and slightly more favorable than others. This is where your agent comes They will use their expertise and resources to help you find the most affordable coverage

On your side, you need to collect the following information for your agent: ..

  • What was the specific type of breast cancer?
  • What was the stage and grade of the cancer? (MOST IMPORTANT - this should come from your pathology report post)
  • When were you diagnosed? And when did your end treatment?
  • How was it treated? (Lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.)
  • All metastases or lymph node involvement? If so, provide details.
  • What was the size of the tumor?

If any of the above information is missing, your agent will not be able to accurately find a company that would be a solution for you. In addition, having a copy of your pathology report will help tremendously in your prequalification risk. Then let your agent get to work!

October is national awareness to breast cancer month, the perfect time to spread the word about the affordable way life insurance can be for breast cancer survivors.

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It is about care, No Where

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It is about care, No Where -he care insurance long term awareness month. Stop! Before coming to the conclusion that the eruption "It is the nursing home insurance for the elderly. I do not want that!" Please spend just two minutes with this video. (And know that 80% of people who need care get it in their house!) Here is some additional information about long term care and long-term care insurance that you may not know. These facts are "tweetable," which means you can simply click on them and they will generate your tweet for you. Spread the word!70% of those aged 65 and older will need some type of long term care services during their life. #LTCI(Source: US Department of Health and Human Services)52% are concerned about the payment of long term care services, but only 13% own long -term care insurance. #LTCI(Source: Barometer 2014 Insurance study, life happens and LIMRA)80% of people who rely on care as they get older get that care at home. #LTCI(Source: Congressional Budget Office, the growing demand for long-term services and supports for seniors, June 2013)53% of Americans aged 40+ have provided long-term care services regularly to a family member or friend. #LTCI(Source: AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 2014)25% of adult children, mainly baby boomers, provide care personal and / or financial assistance to a parent. #LTCI(Source: MetLife Caregiving Costs Study for caregivers working, 2011)The avg. helping the long term is a woman, 49, who works and spends 20 hours / week to care for his mother 5+ years. #LTCI(Source: National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, Cure in the United States, 09)7-10 caregivers report to work in accommodations because of caregiving responsibilities. #LTCI(Source: National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, Cure United States, 09)primary caregivers spend $ 8k on care / services for be expensive, putting their own money at risk. #LTCI(Source: Beyond Dollars 2013, Genworth)Those who work and provide caregiving for a loved one have more health problems than those who are not caregivers. #LTCI(Source: Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 2010)$ 87.0 = median cost for private nursing home room in 2014. http: // lifehap .PN / 1BqLq9Y #LTCI(Source: Genworth 2014 Cost survey on care)

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Nobody wants to Think About Long-Term Care, but here's why you should

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Nobody wants to Think About Long-Term Care, but here's why you should -

OK, it's time to stop putting the inevitable: think about who will take care of you when you can not take care of you.

is Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month, making it the "excuse" perfect for exploring something that nobody wants to think about, but we all need. Keep in mind that, according to government statistics, 70% of people will need some type of long-term care after age 65

Here is a comprehensive overview of insurance care this term is and why people bought-from those who have it. Take a few minutes to watch:

The bottom line: the long-term care insurance helps to ensure you will have access to high quality care should you require it. And using insurance to pay for care also means that you will not need to choose between getting the help you need and spending down savings of your life.

Add your agent or advisor a call and get the conversation started.

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Health care in retirement that you need to know

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health care in retirement that you need to know - Regarding retirement, there is much discussion about saving enough money to continue your lifestyle after retirement. What is not often talked about is how much some basic needs cost you retire, like health care. Did you know that a couple of 65 years who retired in 2012 needs about $ 240,000 to cover medical expenses throughout retirement, according to Fidelity Investments ( "2012 Healthcare Cost Estimate pensioners" ). And that's an increase of 50% compared to the $ 0,000 first estimate for those who retire at age 65 in 02. The rising cost of health care in the United States became one of the main risks to retirement financial security. With the cost of health care should continue to rise faster than inflation, the time to plan your future health care needs now before retiring. You will need to think or plan for: long-term care: Are you familiar with the variety of long term care services available? If it becomes necessary, this type of long term care services do you prefer? How will you pay for long term care services needed? Do you have long term care insurance Advance directives :? Have you contacted your medical care wishes in the event you suffer a catastrophic medical event? Have you appointed someone else, another family member or spouse to make medical decisions for you in case you are incapacitated Paying for retirement health care: Do you know what your out-of-pocket costs for health care could be after you retire? Did you know that Medicare while covering many of the costs of health care, has important limitations? Are you familiar with the different types of insurance that can help pay the costs of health and long-term care is not covered by Medicare Did you know: ? In 2011, males aged 65 have a life expectancy average additional 17.3 years, while women age 65 could expect to live 20.0 years on average. (Source: "A Profile of Older Americans: 2010," US Department of Health and Human Services, February 2012)About a third of people who have turned 65 in 2010 will need at least three months nursing home care, 24% will need more than a year, and 9% more than five years. (Source: "What is the life of the distribution of health care costs 65?" Center for Retirement Research Boston College, March 2010)the average daily rate in 2012 for a private room in a nursing home was $ 248, an increase of 3.8% compared to 2011. (Source: "2012 MetLife Market Survey of nursing home, Assisted living, Adult day services, and the costs of home care ")the average length of stay in the nursing home is 835 days. (Source: "CDC Vital and Health Statistics, Series 13, No. 167," June 09).At an average daily rate of $ 248, an average stay of 835 days of nursing home now costs more than $ 207,000If you are planning for your retirement, now is the time to sit down with your advisor to discuss your plans and get advice.

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Why women should start taking care of their money

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Why women should start taking care of their money -
Today, AOS modern families, including single parents and same-sex couples, is to put more pressure on women's access to financial independence, according to the study of 2013 women, Money & Power of Allianz Life.
The survey found that 67% of women in today, AOS modern family, including, divorced mothers or widows and unmarried same-sex couples, say family situation creates an increased need be financially aware and independent. And married women are now the minority group in terms of the current state of the relationship: only 39% of respondents. I find this to be surprisingly few.
Pew Research recently reported that women are the main breadwinners in 40% of US households, due to the fact that many of them are single parents, and because 15% of women do now more than their husbands in households where the median family income is $ 80,000. That compares to a national median income of only $ 23,000 for single-mom households. Many mothers have had to get a job since the recession to help with financial needs.
Women still have unmet needs regarding the realization of comfort and trust with money. With nearly half of all women saying they sometimes become afraid, Äúbag lady Âu it, AOS clear that there is more work to do in educating women about financial matters and building their confidence in their own financial future.
Divorce and widowhood still trigger a financial trauma for many American women, a trend that is developing. Nearly half (48%) of respondents divorced in 2013 declared the divorce threw them into the financial crisis, against 43% in 06. A full 50% of widows in 2013 said their widowhood caused the financial crisis. A simple, life insurance, could have prevented some of this trauma for those widows.
The key point of this research is that women can, AOT rely on someone else for financial security, and they must take personal responsibility for their financial well-being. Be proactive and call your agent or financial advisor to start planning today.

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The real cost of being uninsured

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The real cost of being uninsured -Life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, if you are like most people, when your insurance agent starts talking about the coverage that you should consider, all you can think about is it going to cost you.and although this may seem the economy is getting better, many people are still struggling with the impact of the recession has had on their budget and what expenses they can put off until tomorrow.according to the study Barometer 2013 assurances, led by LIFE and LIMRA, the majority of consumers are concerned about the lack of money for a comfortable retirement, paying for long term care and fees next medical line in terms of worries-all legitimate the same time, it can be difficult to find the money to insure against a future event possible, as a major debilitating illness or accident when you are dealing with actual spending or face insufficient income right now. In such situations, it may be tempting to cross your fingers metaphorically and hope for the best, with assurance "treat later" list. But before you do this, you need to know the actual cost to be assured. Life Insurance Imagine you were to die today. Is your family able to pay your final expenses and continue to meet living expenses being without your income? or, if you are a parent who stays at home, would your partner be able to afford to pay someone to do all the tasks and responsibilities you handled? Qu ' is it long-term plans that your children can attend college or retirement spouse as planned? with adequate life insurance, your family will be provided when you are not there.and, depending on the type of policy you choose and option added to the diet, your insurance may be increased in value or, in the case of a terminal illness, provide funds to pay the bills even before you die you and your family for at least a major concern of relief.Worried about the cost of insurance? While the vast majority of under-insured middle-income consumers understand the cost as a reason for not buying life insurance, even when they believe they need, the reality is that most people overestimate how much roughly would be an insurance premium. For example, a life policy 20 years, $ 250,000 level term for a healthy 30-year cost of the actual annual premium of $ 150. Respondents felt that the same coverage for $ 350 to $ 500. Disability Insurance You do not need disability insurance, you think. After all, is not that workers compensation is for? Yes and no. If the injury occurs on the job, and Comp worker comes in. However, only 5% of disability claims are related and work, according to the Council to raise awareness of people with disabilities, about 0% of disabilities are caused by illnesses rather than accidents.For example, if you are diagnosed with cancer or sustain serious injuries in a car accident and are unable to work, it will be the source of your income? How will you cover your living expenses and the additional cost of medical care? In this scenario, half of American workers could not do a month before experiencing financial difficulties and almost a quarter would not allow a week, according to a study LIFE. With disability insurance, however, you have an alternative source of income to cover expenses until you are able to return to work. Fortunately, there are several options to get a disability insurance coverage. Click here to find out more. Long Term Care Insurance We would like to think that we will be able to live life on our own terms until it's time to go, but the reality is that two thirds of people will actually need some type of long-term care, either at home or in a facility. Where will it be money if you fall into this majority? Of Medicare or existing health insurance? Unlikely, given that Medicare only pays for doctor and hospital bills, Medicare only covers short-term skilled nursing home care, and Medicaid only play if your assets are very limited.Are your savings able to cover the costs? A home help care three days a week will cost more than $ 20,000 per year and full-time nursing care at home can be more than $ 78,000 per year.Maybe you think the long-term care is something that older people have to worry about. But everyone at any age can suffer an accident or a catastrophic injury that requires long-term care. In fact, 40 percent of patients receiving long term care are under 65For a complete overview of this long-term care insurance is click here and then contact an agent that specializes in long -term care insurance. The Bottom Line There are many factors to weigh when purchasing insurance, but be sure to have all the facts before making a decision. As you can see, both buying insurance and do not purchase insurance comes at a price. Be sure you know what the cost is, short term and long term.

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How to pass a medical exam life insurance

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How to pass a medical exam life insurance -

If you want to get the most affordable type of life insurance, be prepared to undergo a medical examination. Before you issue a policy, the life insurance companies must first determine if you are prone to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.

A paramedic company working with your carrier will be sent to a certified medical professional (a paramed) to perform medical tests and send the results to the insurer of the company. The subscriber will then evaluate the results and determine if it is in their best financial interest to make sure. This risk assessment determines your life insurance rates. The biggest risk you pose, the more your premiums until the company decides it can not cover you at all.

The following will give you a solid idea of ​​how you need to prepare when you have to take a medical exam life insurance. Otherwise, you may want to start considering a no medical exam policy.

What to Expect

As part of your medical examination, paramed measure your height and weight, your blood pressure, and collect samples blood and urine. Then the paramed confirm the answers you provided on the health questionnaire you have completed as part of the application for life insurance.

The paramed measure your height and weight, your blood pressure and collect blood and urine.

Some insurance companies require an EKG to test your heart, especially if you are 50 or older. Most insurance companies will also carry a specific antigen (PSA) for prostate on male candidates over 50.

Finally, if you are a smoker or a tobacco user, be honest and admit because companies are testing for cotinine in your system, a chemical that will tell you use tobacco. Medical examinations same test for drug abuse, such as marijuana and cocaine.

Steps to take an exam

Program the examination for the early morning. Because you have to fast for six to eight hours before an exam, a medical examination of the morning will make that task a lot less stressful. Even a piece of fruit before the examination may read as high levels of glucose. Everything you eat beforehand can affect your blood tests and drop you from a favorite health class.

Skip your morning coffee and cigarettes. Caffeine and nicotine raise blood pressure to avoid your morning coffee and tobacco products. This can be difficult for some, but believe me, it is worth the thousands of dollars of potential savings during the term of your policy.

Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will make it faster and easier to donate blood. Drinking water will also help to give a urine sample.

Do not eat salty or fatty foods. Cholesterol and blood pressure test results may be affected. For best results, avoid salt and excess fatty foods for five to seven days before your exam; However, 24 hours is the minimum time recommended.

Avoid excessive exercise . Conserve energy for 24 hours before your exam. Stay away from the gym and avoid intense cardio. Exercise can increase your blood pressure and pulse.

Avoid alcohol and drugs. refrain from drinking alcohol and taking drugs, including tobacco and marijuana. Alcohol can leave you dehydrated, which not only makes it difficult to draw your blood, but can also cause increased liver function.

Get plenty of sleep the night . While the value of a good night's sleep will not give you a draft own health law, sleep compensates anxiety and fear. When you are well rested, your blood pressure will be lower, leading to better results.

Having a list of all medications you are currently taking. Your examiner will ask about your medical history, including the use of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines.

Do not schedule an exam during a menstrual period. Women should not take a medical exam life insurance during their menstrual period, or if they have any kind of vaginal discharge because it can contaminate a urine analysis.

Let the examiner know if you have an aversion to needles or medical tests. There is no need to submit to high levels of anxiety for this review. If you are anxious, your blood pressure results of tests indicate health problems. Talk to your reviewer and explain your concerns. They can note your fear or phobia on file for review by the insurance company and underwriter.

final word

If you follow these steps for your life insurance medical exam, you will feel calm and prepared, and able to achieve the best results, which increases your chances of getting low rates.

on the left hand you are denied coverage, do not give. You can choose to improve your health with a balanced diet, regular exercise and control of any medical problems (ie diabetes) or decide to reapply for a transmitting life policy guaranteed.

Although more expensive, the insurance guaranteed life is a non-medical type of coverage. Due to its high and limited amounts of death benefit premiums, it should be a last resort. Your first and best option will most likely be traditional term life insurance.

The point is, never feels not hopeless. There is always a life insurance policy available to ensure the financial future of your family.

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A life lesson in life insurance: Grief, debt and an uncertain future

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A life lesson in life insurance: Grief, debt and an uncertain future -

When I was only 16, my father died after a short illness. My parents never bought life insurance, so that the only help we received was from the Department of Veterans Affairs, since my father was a disabled veteran. I think we got about $ 00. the cost of the funeral of my father at least double that of the figure.

My mother was now struggling with pain, debt and an uncertain future. I looked at his hand-wringing about how she would pay for the funeral. She did not know if she could provide for my sister and me. She admitted freely that we probably would not be able to keep our house. My sister was in college and my mother did not know if my sister would be able to stay there. My own academic career was in deep danger.

My mother did not know if she could provide for my sister and me. She admitted freely that we probably would not be able to keep our house.

My mother worked full time, but she had to take an extra job to make ends meet-one who called her out all hours of the night, seven days a week. She eventually rented the house and moved with the family to reduce costs. But it also quietly consolidating his life insurance policy.

When she died seven years after the death of my father, my sister and I had enough money to cover the funeral, taking care of urgent bills and then some. I finally used my hand for a down payment on a house almost straight out of college. My sister hers away in retirement accounts. The contrast of my parents was a lesson for me the importance of life insurance.

Life insurance is smart
A recent State Farm survey shows that a large majority of Americans (84%) believe that life insurance is a way smart to take care of the future of their families, but we do not follow through the important conversations are necessary: ​​42% of respondents living with parents avoided having estate planning conversations. That's a marked contrast!

Understand that life insurance is important is not difficult. If you are the main breadwinner, you have probably thought about what would happen if you were suddenly gone. Perhaps he has even crossed your mind how long illness (and many medical bills) would have an impact on your family. Or maybe your family reflects my parents :. Two working parents and two paychecks were needed to cover the necessary bills

Do not turn the conversation
Although we Americans recognize the importance of life insurance, if you are like my husband, you do not like talking about life insurance because it seems morbid or depressing.

Yet the same poll shows that when people make the decision to buy life insurance, they really positive feelings that most often negative feelings about. Purchase leaves them with feelings as "protected" (36%), "confident" (22%) and even "relieved" (21%). If you have not yet had a conversation with your family about purchasing life insurance, there is no time like the present


(Illustration: State Farm).


You can begin by assessing the needs of this life insurance needs calculator. Then set up a time to talk with your spouse or your parents (perhaps both). Addressing concerns that each party, but try to get out of the conversation with a timetable for the purchase of a policy.

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When Crowd-funding is not enough

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When Crowd-funding is not enough -

When I'm 22, I moved to New York City. I had just graduated from college and my parents agreed to support my first months as I plunged headlong into the theater. For Thanksgiving, I started to have a foot and had some exciting concerts lined up for the end of the year. Then I get a phone call, I will never forget.

"gone, Daddy" my mother said. I could hear the pain, love, shock and uncertainty in his voice. I could not believe it. How could my father, to 49, disappeared? Suddenly I felt the deep permanence of death. I could not call the most. I could not ask his advice. I could not give her a hug when I was flying home for Christmas. My family had a huge hole, dad fit.

As I packed that night to steal home, I could not help thinking my time in New York was up. Admittedly, I have to move the house to make sure my brother stayed in college and my mother has not lost her home. After all, my father was the primary breadwinner. Without his income, I knew we would have problems.

Pots are not going to put a check in the mailbox for the next mortgage payment.

When I landed in Denver, I experienced the incredible support from family and friends. We did not have to cook for weeks and relied heavily on their orientation while walking in the early days of shock and grief. Yet the question of how my mother was going to weigh heavily on me. Pots are not going to put a check in the mailbox for the next mortgage payment.

My father had a plan

Fortunately, my father had a plan. His love for my mother, my brother and I became apparent in new ways that we came to political will and two life insurance out of the file cabinet. He gave us the space to mourn and deal by making an insurance company on the hook for college, mortgage, retirement and even my mother. Losing my father did not have to say all lose.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans are totally unprepared for the loss, the loss in permanent particular. Because we have learned to find the cheapest insurance possible and conditioned to buy only what the government mandates, we go through life betting that our friends and family will understand how to "make it work." While I firmly believe in human ingenuity, I have difficulty accepting the fact that Americans often InSure their cars and homes for the full replacement value, while leaving relatives to understand when they die.

Does your family must "make it work? "Or, you express your love for them by ensuring your ability to provide a home, vacation, college and space with life insurance?

in the last two months, I have read at least five stories of families walking through the tragedy, I know too well. In each situation, the loving friends given and shared a crowdfunding website to help cover the cost of final expenditure :. $ 5,000 here, $ 10,000 there

Although this is a lot of money, it is far from enough. If a 35 year old dies making only $ 30,000 a year, her family would suffer a loss of more than $ 1.4 million, adjusted for inflation each year to 3%. College, holidays, weddings, gifts, groceries, cars, houses and space to mourn disappear when the "run" the plan takes effect.

What is your plan? An insurance professional can help you navigate your protection strategy. Does your family must "run?" Or, as my father, you express your love for them otherwise ensuring your ability to provide a home, vacation, college and space with the life insurance?

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surprising facts about the long-term care

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surprising facts about the long-term care -

Did you know that ...

At least 70% of people over 65 need care services long term and support to some. point in their lives
(Source: 2015 Medicare & You, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

Approximately 68% of residents in nursing home and 72% of assisted residents are women
( . Source: long-term US care: 2013 Overview, National health Statistics Center)

national median daily rate in 2014 for a private room in a house nursing was $ 240, an increase of 4.35% from 2013.
(Source: 2014 Survey Genworth Cost of care, March 2014)

the average length of a stay in the nursing home is 835 days or more than two years. But I had many parents, both with alzhiemers, who were in homes for five years
(Source: Centers for Nursing Home Care FastStats Disease Control and Prevention, last updated in May 2014).

During a median daily rate of $ 240, an average stay of 835 days of nursing home now costs over $ 0,000, making it virtually unaffordable for many Americans. (The average hotel room is only $ 121 / day!)

Medicare does not pay for long term care, as explained by the administration of social security: "Social Security payroll retirement, disability, family and survivors. Medicare, a separate program administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, helps pay for inpatient hospital care, nursing, physician fees, drugs and other medical services and supplies to the people of 65 and over and to persons who have received social security disability benefits for two years or more. Medicare does not pay for long term care , so you may want to consider options for private insurance (emphasis added). "

Without proper planning, a serious accident or illness could deprive you of your financial independence. Whether bought for yourself, your spouse or elderly parent care insurance long term may help to protect assets accumulated over a lifetime against the ravages of the costs of long term care.

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5 common health problems that can affect your life insurance application

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5 common health problems that can affect your life insurance application -One of the many reasons Americans have no life insurance is that they believe that they will not qualify, or that if they do qualify, the price will be too expensive. It's not always the case.Many people are able to find affordable coverage despite common health conditions. the life insurance companies determine rates depending on the severity of the condition and whether it is currently being processed or not. With the help of a doctor, a condition can be managed so that it has minimal impact on life insurance rates.The life insurance companies against risks by giving customers a healthy note. In general, three notes are more standard, preferred and preferred. In general, there may be a change from 20% to 30% of a note to another, according to the company. Examples of common health conditions and how life insurance companies can meet Hypertension :. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to serious health problems if left unmanaged. Life Insurance companies will determine the rate class of customer depending on the severity of the condition and if managed with medication or not. Generally, a person with 150/0 or less with drugs can qualify for standard rates. A preferred rate would likely be someone with 140/0 or less without medication high cholesterol. More than 102 million Americans over 20 have high cholesterol. This is defined as the total cholesterol level of 0 mg / dl. life insurance companies may classify you as a regular with cholesterol does not exceed 300-350 mg / dL. Less than 250 mg / dL may qualify for preferential rates, while 220 mg / dL or less with drugs can put you in the preferred class Anxiety :. 18% of the American population suffers from anxiety, making it the most common form of mental illness. Life insurance companies consider as a risk because it can lead to other health problems such as depression, addiction and insomnia. Candidates with anxiety that are managed on a drug prescribed by a primary care physician can usually qualify for the preferred class and health Obesity :. With over 33% of Americans are affected by obesity, it is one of the most common health conditions that life insurance companies treat. Most companies use the body mass index number (BMI) to determine if the rate class of an applicant. Usually a person with a BMI of 26-28 can qualify for preferred and, while a BMI of 27-34 may be preferred, and 35-38 or more will be standard acid reflux :. with nearly 19 million Americans diagnosed with acid reflux (GERD), it ranks as one of the most common health conditions. As it can lead to ulcers and possibly cancer, life insurance companies consider it a risk. The good news is that most people who treat their mild GERD with over the counter medications can qualify for the rates of most preferred. Those taking prescriptions for mild to moderate GERD can qualify for preferred, and moderate to severe GERD with ongoing treatment or surgery would qualify for standard rates.Do not let fear high prices keep you from getting life insurance coverage you need. Millions of people suffer from these common health conditions, and many of them could qualify for a preferred class or more preferred rate. Remember that many of these conditions can be improved with the help of a doctor, medication, diet and exercise.

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Life insurance after retirement: oxymoron

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Life insurance after retirement: oxymoron -

Unlike health insurance and car, many retirees choose to file their life insurance policies when they leave their jobs. The logic being that if someone is able to retire, they are generally financially stable enough that their death will not leave a spouse or other loved struggling to make ends meet. While you do not need life insurance in these circumstances, there are some reasons why you might want to keep on your policy.


Whether or not your children are grown-hey, some of us get a start later than others, it is in the human nature to want the best for your children. In today's world, often resulting monetary support. Your life insurance policy can provide your children with additional financial security for years to come. And if you have young children at home, a life insurance policy can ensure that they are able to go to college or pursue other professional opportunities.

The Greater Good

If your family is already protected in the event of your death, you may want your life insurance policy to pay a organization or charity whose mission you support. Naming a charity as the primary beneficiary is a way to feel good to leave a lasting legacy.

real purpose

Individuals and families with large estates should develop a financial plan that allows them to pay inheritance tax in the future. A permanent or universal life insurance policy promises payment, no matter how long you live. The money from this type of policy can provide your heirs with the funds needed to keep the family property without having to dip into their personal property.

Business Security

business owners and partners may want to consider keeping their life insurance policies after retirement that the interests of private companies are illiquid assets subject to both tax and flow of the market. As the value of such high risk securities grows, so does the tax liability. This is especially true in times of economic instability. In these cases, a life insurance policy can ensure that your business will not have to liquidate business assets after spending.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach retirement. The same is true of life insurance. Whatever your financial situation, it is a good idea to talk with insurance or financial professional to determine the life insurance options make the most sense for you, your family and your property.

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You Preparing for retirement. Do you still need life insurance?

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You Preparing for retirement. Do you still need life insurance? -

Let's be realistic. If you have an investment and adequate portfolio retirement, if you have arranged for your health care costs if you not have an account on you for financial support, maybe, just maybe you can afford retiring.

Did you know that 65 healthy man has a life expectancy of 87 and a woman, 89; and 38% of men and 50% of women will live to age 0, according to recent research on longevity risk and retirement.

Have you thought about outliving your income? Maybe a life income annuity would be appropriate to cover your needs to the basic pension.

Those with children-and grandchildren
How much would it cost to raise a child to 17 years? In households with incomes over $ 105,000, it is estimated at $ 399,780. Per Child. No college expenses. combined fees may be $ 650,000 or more. How many children do you have? What happens when they go home to live after they graduate? How long will they stay? What happens if you are not there to pay these costs? Do you have adequate life insurance?

Grandparents provide the main financial support for one of 10 grandchildren, and 49% of parents aged 60 and over still provide financial assistance to an adult child.

Is there still a need for life insurance protection? Absolutely!

65 healthy, 38% of men and 50% of women will live to age 0.

And those in the Parents support
What about adult children who are the support of parents who are 65 or over? About 15% of people aged 40 to 59 provide this support while still raising a young child or an adult child. For people 60 and older living with a parent, 50% of parents need help with day-to-day. Does the caregiver still need life insurance? What happens if caregivers are not there?

Add in health care and long-term
Now let's talk about the cost of medical care after retirement. According to Fidelity Investments, the average 65-year old couple will spend $ 220,000 in 2013 dollars in medical bills out of pocket during retirement.

Have you planned your retirement planning? Keep in mind that this does not include the costs for long term care.

Long-Term Care is currently $ 250 per day in Tampa, Florida. That's $ 91,250 per year. The average 65 year-old woman will need this support for 3.7 years against 2.2 years for men, but I know a number of cases where the person was in a nursing home for 10 years or more.

Have you planned for it?

A solution
So, back to the insurance life insurance cash value of life. He will be there when it is needed most and offers guarantees, versatility and flexibility to changing situations. life insurance cash value provides security, dignity and peace of mind and solves the problem of risk for pennies on the dollar.

If you love someone, need someone or have someone dependent on you, you need life insurance.

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I Saw I Could Save Family From What happened to mine

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I Saw I Could Save Family From What happened to mine -

My mother called me into the kitchen where we had our laptop set up and m ' said she had found something online that she thought could be life changing. Actually, I suspected what she said was hyperbole.

My father had passed away a year and a half ago, during my first month of college, and my family was still reeling from the emotional and financial loss that we had caused, given that n has not had life insurance.

Shane LaBarge_011Fixed

It was hard for me to imagine something that changed life for the better. My experience at that time was mostly with the other kind of life-changing event, type of event that can simultaneously feel like a punch to the gut and a disease creeping :. The death of a parent

Despite my skepticism, I agree to consider what she had found. There was an organization called life happens, with a scholarship program called Life Lessons. They awarding more than one hundred thousand dollars in scholarships to students who had suffered the loss of a parent who does not have life insurance. All they asked was that you share your experiences.

I do not write my essay now. At first I was afraid to tell my story, sharing what my family and I lived. Then I started to look and read past entries in the scholarship program, and I felt empowered. I saw the strength of those who had taken part before me, and I saw that it could actually save families from having to go through what mine had lived. So I sat down and I started writing.

If you also have a loss like mine, I encourage you to share your story. I can assure you that this life changing and for the better.

It was difficult at first. My first project was several thousand words on the boundary; it is difficult to say something that is so important, so central to your life in a few words. I did manage to tell my story, and I submit my test.

A Life-Changing call

Then I got a call telling me that I am the grand prize essay scholarship recipient. This call changed my life, and it was for the best.

My first year of college was paid. I have had opportunities to do motivational speaking to Fortune 500 companies across the United States. I have met people that I now consider close friends, through this program. I met the beneficiaries of scholarships, other life insurance executives and professionals, and the team of life happens. And something that seemed unlikely before the scholarship, happened: I graduated from college a semester early last December. It would not have been possible without this grant.

If you also have a loss like mine, I encourage you to share your story through the Scholarship Program Life Lessons. I can assure you that this is the life change for the better, it does help people, and we want to hear your story. It would mean a lot to us. I have the great distinction this year to be a part of the selection process. It will be an honor to read your story in your words.

Thank you, Shane

[ To apply for Lessons Scholarship Program of life this year between now and March 1, 2016, click here. Or share this link with someone who you know would be beneficial:]

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They tried to fly, From My Life Insurance!

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They tried to fly, From My Life Insurance! -

Well, it finally happened. Someone in the vastness of the Internet was able to get my information and use it to try to fraudulently withdraw money from my account. But it was not the normal type of fraud. This was a person who contacted an insurance company where I had my life insurance policies.

id fraud These fraudsters have managed to change the mailing address on all policies and e-mail the company had registered. Because these are permanent policies they had accumulated substantial monetary value over the years. So the next day they asked the loan values ​​and discount on both policies.

He just so happen that I was reviewing these policies just days after the request was made when I noticed the changes and contacted the company to ask what had happened. The company said demand for change has come through the phone call, but I told them it was not me.

Examine your most often you have been political. This is a new and disturbing direction to fraud.

When I contacted the company, they advised me the changes were reversed and that the incident was handed over to their fraud department. If I had not been diligent in my policy reviews, and too much time has elapsed since the occurrence of fraud, substantial cash value would have been lost to this attacker.

Oh, I'm sure the company would have covered any potential loss, but the emotional effect would have been important.

So, here's my point. Examine your most often you have been political. This is a new and disturbing direction to fraud, which may delay the date of the event until you are notified in writing or by e-mail or at all.

We read about hacking private information from companies like Target and Experian. It is only a matter of time before someone out there is trying to use this data to their gain and your loss. Be diligent in protecting and revision all your financial account.

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