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The Best One-Liners (for life insurance)

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The Best One-Liners (for life insurance) -

Gosh, we love our fans on Facebook. We asked a simple question: "If you had one sentence to convince someone to buy a life insurance, how about" And we had a large cargo responses

. Here are our winners:

you can always take care of your family even after you are gone -Erica Davis

Because in a blink. look right can change -Ashley Neves

But we also wanted to highlight some of our other favorites.

love is the reason we buy life insurance -Gary Cinello

life comes at you fast, and so can not. Either ready. be prepared. -Gerry Ornelas

If life insurance were free , how would you own? -John Busch IV

life happens so get life insurance -Brittany LaRoche

What kind of position would your family if something happens to you with no life insurance? -Janice Kiker

If you had died last Friday, what kind of legacy would you have today? -Brooke DeNovel

live, love, leave well -Mario Alban Santos

Life is priceless, the insurance is affordable -Dan Wilcox

and the humor ... (life insurance can really be funny ?!)

not having life insurance is like being left in a public bathroom without toilet paper. -Kat Johnson

With this amount of life insurance, you are not going to be dead for a long time, are you? -Colin Meeks

You mean all I would get is photo albums? -Chuck Scroggs

Care to add your own in the comments?

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