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Insurance Part Greater Good Life

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Insurance Part Greater Good Life -

Life insurance is nothing if not personal. It provides money to widows, widowers, children and family members when a loved one dies, to help them continue financially.

However, we hear a lot about Capitol Hill about the life insurance industry does not serve the American public. Few of us, including those on Capitol Hill, to understand the real economic benefits of the industry of life insurance offers Americans. According to the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI), there is almost $ 18.5 trillion in coverage of the death benefit in force. This means that $ 18500000000000, yes trillion, would be in hands of families, if something were to happen to policyholders. This sounds like a huge amount of protection that life insurance offers Americans to protect families and businesses, to create a legacy, to create money where none existed before.

These are promises to pay future benefits, but what is the life insurance industry by putting in today's economy? According ACLI, total payments made under life insurance and annuity contracts were $ 3650000000 in 2010. That is more than $ 30 billion in cash by coming months in the economy of the United States. I do not know how you do your calculations, but even in terms of government, that is a lot of money.

With a high number of unemployment apparent constant, on the people the industry employs? 2011 Fact Book of ACLI says there are 917 companies doing life insurance business in the United States, employing over 2.2 million people. In addition, employment in the industry has remained fairly constant over the last 10 years.

As an agent and advisor, I am proud to help protect the interests of my clients and proud that life insurance helps industry to an economy and stronger and stronger country.

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What fruit flies can teach us About Life Insurance?

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What fruit flies can teach us About Life Insurance? -
I often wonder how fast my children (ages 13, 12, 10 and 10) grow up. When I well sorted photos of their early years, it sometimes feels like it was yesterday that they started to crawl or speak their first words. Of course, this is not the case - but he was. And if all that we have experienced in our lives, of our own childhood, marriage, children, retirement and even death was condensed years in just a few days?
It may be hard to imagine, but such is the life of a fruit fly. They are known for their famous short life. The average life span of a fruit fly is only 30 days. So why am I educate you on the mortality of fruit fly on a blog intended to shed light on issues related to human mortality? Well ... because we at the Foundation LIFE believe that there are many things we humans can learn from fruit flies when it comes to protecting those you love with life insurance. Fruit flies are born knowing that life is short. So when it comes to life insurance, they act right away. However, we humans love to procrastinate, especially when it comes to things like life insurance.

Ok, so I know what you're probably thinking. Are fruit flies really need life insurance? Well, I'm glad you asked. Yes, they do. In fact, they need more than most humans. I bet you did not know that fruit flies female can lay up to 400 eggs at a time. That's a lot of fruit flies of mouths to feed. human families may not be quite that big, but it only takes one - a person who depends on you financially or otherwise -. for that you need life insurance
For a more complete insight into the world of fruit flies, go to You'll find a series of funny videos featuring the latest featured torque life insurance power of life, flies Frank and Fran fruit. In addition to learning a thing or two about life insurance, you will find answers to the most frequently asked fruit flies. Let us know what you think here on the blog or on our Facebook wall.
As our friends from the fruit fly show, time really does (eh-hem) fly. If there are people in your life who suffer financially if you were to die in the next 30 days, do not procrastinate. Talk to a professional life insurance which can help determine if you need life insurance to protect those you love.

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A one-size-fits-all gift for Valentine's Day

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A one-size-fits-all gift for Valentine's Day -
February is all about love, with couples flocking to jewelry stores and shops florist to choose what something special for their special someone before going to their favorite restaurant. But this year, why not plan a stop over before heading out to dinner two - the office of your insurance agent

While there is no doubt that a bouquet or a box of bling is always welcomed, there is another gift that can have an even greater impact on one you like: life insurance. It ensures that your loved one (or your loved!) Be supported financially, even after you are gone.
And while the vast majority of Americans, 86% -believe the life insurance is important, as the "LIMRA and LIFE Foundation 2011 Insurance Barometer Study," more than one third have no coverage 'life insurance. The consequences of this gap in coverage can be devastating. Without enough life insurance, many families face potential ruin when the income of their loved one is no longer available.
Even those who currently have in place insurance policy may have underestimated the amount needed. You need to consider two numbers: the amount of money needed to cover final expenses and debts (also known as "private equity") and the amount necessary to maintain the household. Visit the easy to use life insurance needs calculator to have a working idea of ​​what amount of coverage you may need.
And there is not the breadwinner who needs to have in place insurance. Stay at home parents make an important contribution to the family economy, in terms of child care and household duties, whose value was estimated at more than $ 40,000 per year. With an insurance policy in place, there will be sufficient funds to ensure that these responsibilities are respected and quality of life of the family is preserved, despite the loss.
As for singles, there is a common misconception that people without children or a spouse not need life insurance. Singles can provide financial support to siblings or elderly parents, or have a large debt that without insurance payout can move on to other family members. By evaluating your current financial situation and taking into account the needs of those who depend on you, you can realize that purchasing a life insurance policy sense.
These are serious considerations for a hearts-and-flowers month, but what better time to demonstrate the love you have for each other and for your family by ensuring that you and those like you are adequately protected? Then make this extra-special in February giving each other a "gift of love" special form of life insurance.

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I Own Life Insurance Because ...

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I Own Life Insurance Because ... -
We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the importance of life insurance, supported by expert advice. But the other day, we discovered that there is much we can learn by just listening. We asked Facebook fans LIFE to fill a simple sentence, and what they came back with is a great primer why life insurance is important to have. (What can we say that we have a large group of Facebook fans smart ?.) Here's what they said:
I have a life insurance because ...
I want to assure those I leave behind. -Anton
I love my family and I hope it will help when I left. -Tonya
Everyone dies, duhhhh. -Alisha
I protect my my student loans from parents, my retirement income and insurability later or an emergency fund. -Shane
I love my family and I have $$. -Manny
is responsible, selfless thing to do. No matter what your financial situation, you can not afford to not have life insurance. -Theresa
This is the only way I can provide for my family if I die. -Cina
I want to assure the insurability of my little son. -Caroline
It is my responsibility to make sure that my death does not become the shackle of my relatives. -Karen
It gives me peace of mind! -Chrystal
I love my family and I do not want them to suffer financially if something would happen to me. -Kimberly
This is the best investment in the world. It pays the most when you most need them. -Ricky
I want my wife to stay in our house, my children to be able to go to college and my wife to be a grandmother full-time, if desired. -Mike
We can not control the destiny, but we can control how the spell affects their families. Ed
I want my family to fight or having to throw a benefit for my expenses. -Shawn
I love and I want to protect my family. -Philip
(And we could not resist adding this "Life Happens" answer.)
Cuz the guys in this town drive like crazy. -Janice
How do you fill in the blank? I own life insurance because ________________.

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Are You Planning Ahead?

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Are You Planning Ahead? -
This is a very personal item, but I feel I must share.
I've lost my little brother earlier. Chris was a financial advisor for the set (and entirely too short) his professional life, and he did what all counselors are: It has encouraged people to plan ahead and think about what happen if something happened to them. It was very successful, but I suspect that, like the doctor who made a terrible patient, it does not always have its own advice.
Oh, sure, he had life insurance, a plan (k) 401 and a college fund started for her young son, but there were many things he did not do. I'm sure he thought he had plenty of time to take care of the simple details. He did not do it. He was just 44 when he died
So, as a public service combination and a memorial to my brother, I propose that
First of all: If you .. do not have a will, you should. Even if you only use one of many simple wills available at your local dealer software do. If your needs are more complex than they can accommodate, call your lawyer today. It is absolutely worth the money. Oh, and make sure someone knows where it is!
Second, make a list of every insurance policy you own. Indicate the name of the insured, the nominal value, the policy number and other relevant details. In addition, describe how your survivors will be able to collect on the policy: the list the phone number for the claims department for each policy, and provide a general list of what needs to be submitted at the request
Sur. that list, provide your banking information: savings, checking and other accounts. Specify the name and location of the bank (s), number (s) account and a phone number for each establishment. As with the police information assurance, give a brief description of what your survivors will have to do to get the money.
Then, if you have your own financial adviser, lawyer, stockbroker, insurance agent, or any other type of counselor, list their names and contact information as well. These are the people who know where your assets are, and can help guide your survivors in a time of great distress, help the sake of "What will I do now?" Much less stressful.
the next part is really hard to read, write and speak with the people you love.
Have a conversation with your spouse / partner / significant other, your children and / or grandchildren about your thoughts on the end of your life. Do you want to be buried where? Do you already have a plot in the cemetery? Add the location and other information to your list. Would you prefer to be cremated? What do you want do with your ashes? do you want a particular type of religious service? Tell someone all these things, and make sure it is written somewhere, preferably in the same place as your will and lists described above.
Consider prearranged the end of your life. It is not fun or glamorous and it certainly is not pleasant to think, but make it easy for your family to continue to enjoy the life you have been able to provide for them.
I'm sure that by now you can guess all the things my brother did not. Maybe even more than wish him back with us, I wish he had taken his own advice. It would have been possible for his family to more easily deal with the loss of their husband and father if they are not to worry about what the future, especially the very near future their financial reserves.

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When life Happened Insurance Was There

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When life Happened Insurance Was There -

There are almost exactly two years, "life happened" to me in a most sudden and dramatic way that I could not imagine possible. even now, looking back, I can not believe that the circumstances have suddenly collapsed around me at the same time, creating a perfect storm of emotional vulnerability, physical and financial, which threatened to pull me under for good .

The April 27, 2010, I received a horrible call at my office informing me that my teenage son Henry had suffered beatings and brutal drug overdose and that he had been taken to a hospital local in critical condition. for the next five weeks, I sat next to her bedside hospital bed and the day while trying to keep working.

My son passed away on May 31 2010, a little over a month after his admission to hospital. Three weeks after my eldest son died, I gave birth by emergency caesarean section to my youngest child, who arrived six weeks premature.

As primary wage earner in our family, and the person who provided health insurance through my job, my stress during this incredibly difficult and painful period has been exacerbated by a hundredfold my concern that this series of horrible events lead me to lose my position now where I worked at the time. Shortly after my son started his hospitalization, the company management has made clear to me that if they regretted the difficulties I faced in trying to juggle caring for my child and seriously injured my hard work, there were limits to the amount of time I could be off work without jeopardizing my job. And looking back, I'm sure the only thing that kept me go disappointment was my ability to take on short-term disability insurance policy that I had in place.

This short-term wasn disability policy 't much; it provided for approximately six weeks of paid leave in part. However, I am able to use some of my short-term disability leave during the late stage of my pregnancy when my son was in the hospital, and then five weeks of paid leave following birth early my daughter. True, I could have used a more robust disability policy at the time. I wanted and needed to take a lot more time to heal, but I shudder to think what would have happened to us financially if I had not had the small "gap" extra insurance in place.

Two years later, I still mourn the death of my son every day, and I miss him more than words can express. In his memory, I focused on the construction of non-profit organization, the Fund for Henry, my family launched to honor his legacy (also on Facebook). My youngest child, the baby born prematurely just weeks after his older brother died, is aged 22 months, and she's a toddler healthy happy and light in the life of our family following our terrible loss. (She is the youngest of the picture of my children in front of Henry's garden.) I also have a new job with a company that I love, and that was exceptionally good and compassionate as I slowly gotten back up to full speed on the job.

And you know what I have now? Life insurance and long term disability insurance. Since the first to write here on the blog of the LIFE Foundation about how my husband and I knew we had delayed this important part of financial planning for far too long, we started to take the first important steps towards the fully insured status, our goal. We do not always have as much assurance as I want us to have, but we are on track, and I did the piece handicap our portfolio a main objective of insurance coverage, because I do not know firsthand what it's like suddenly find yourself in a situation where you might have to choose between your own care and work that puts food on the table. I do, will never be in this position again.

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You Shredded your AARP card. Now What?

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You Shredded your AARP card. Now What? -

People say 50 is the new 40, but delivered with your birthday cards when you turn 50 is your AARP membership card. Yes it's true, your official "Go Pass" in the American Association of Retired. Quite ironic, since retired 50 are not plausible or realistic for 99.9% of us.

So having shredded your AARP card (not special dinners early risers necessary), it's time to get realistic about what you need to do to get your insurance and financial life in 'order. Here's a quick checklist to help you do it.

Make sure your retirement planning is on track. Hiding your head in the sand because your 401 (k) has taken a beating over the past several years is not a pension plan. While it can be painful to dissect what you have now and what you have to register (probably more than you are), it's better than the alternative :. Living in poverty in retirement

Add your life insurance coverage. life insurance rates have fallen recently and is often less today than 10 years ago. Sit down with an agent to make sure you are not too much for your coverage and you have coverage tailored to your risk.

Explore the long-term care insurance. It is important to understand that these are not "home insurance nursing" -80% of people who need long term care services are received in a Community framework, which for many of us will be our home. the long term care insurance protects against financial risk (aka drain your retirement funds) potentially needing long-term care services at home or in an institution, due to illness chronic or disability.

Review your estate plan (or get one if you do not have it). I know this is huge, as it is for me too, and I'm in this business. Keep in mind that the plan you had in place 20 years ago (when choosing a guardian for your children was the key) must be reconsidered. Now it is about more about managing your assets, reducing property taxes and debt. Your advisor may be able to help you with this, or can refer you to someone who can.

Get your legal documents in order. Make sure that you have durable power of attorney, a legal document that gives someone that you trust the ability to act on your behalf if you were to become disabled or incapacitated. Also, be sure to write a health care directive, which gives instructions on medical treatment if you are unconscious or terminally phase permanently.

You did not go alone. If you do not have an advisor, you can find one in your community here.

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When is financial commitment Start?

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When is financial commitment Start? -

Statistics are just numbers, until they reached the house with a personal story, right? I read a recent Pew report said marriages in the United States are on the decline. Barely half of adults, 51% Äîjust, AIARE married, and those who marry do so later. Then I started thinking about the drop in sales of life insurance, and I began to wonder if there was a link.

Here, AOS how it gets personal. My son is 30 years old. At his age, I and most of my friends are married; some of us had children as well. But my son took things in a different order, which is common today. He bought a house (a large, responsible thing to do) and his girlfriend long has now moved in with him. They are a family unit in all directions, but the married legal kind.

They took the responsibility of taking care of a house and the merger of two lives. But without this legal commitment, is it really a commitment, financial Äîor at least a mindset of financial commitment?

I think in many cases, including my sound, AOS, the answer is no. Of course, they are committed to the relationship, but if Äúlife happens at? What if something were to happen to my son (God forbid!)? Where it let his girlfriend financially? My husband and I are now the beneficiaries of his life insurance policy. The house he bought in his name. This means the proceeds of life insurance suits us and his house being sold to pay the mortgage, his girlfriend could be left without a place to live. Of course, it would never be my sound, AOS intention. But That, AOS item. We don, AOT for bad things happen, but sometimes our inaction causes.

For my son, it could be as simple as changing the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. But for many other young couples, this means sitting, ask the tough questions and get coverage for life insurance they need.

There are no moral connotation (or shades) to the position. My son and his girlfriend are happy, making her parents happy. This isn, AOT on the marriage itself, but marriage is one of the triggers to get life insurance (as it is to have children, find a new job, etc.). If marriage is not here, so couples need to wake up to the reality of their commitment and assure their love with life insurance

The new question is:.? When does our financial commitment

Tell us: When the financial commitment did it start for you


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The right time to Annuities

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The right time to Annuities -

Did you know that most retirees are not too confident that they have saved enough for a comfortable retirement? In addition, nearly 4 October retirees have not estimated how many years their assets and investments could last for retirement, according to LIMRA study "Does retirement assets last a lifetime."

Enter annuities. Now before you stop reading because the word off, know that you are not alone. According to the "Reclaiming the Future" by Allianz Life, 54% of respondents did not like the term "annuity". But when asked to choose between high returns and guarantees, 69% of respondents said they would prefer a product that was "guaranteed not to lose value," which describes an annuity. When retirement planning, life income annuity ensure the safety, security and a guarantee that you (the annuitant) will not outlive their income.

Annuities have a long history of helping people. I bet you did not know they have been around since the Roman Empire? Here some highlights of the annuity history compiled by Tom Hegna in his book of pay checks and Checks Play

  • 225 -. A Roman judge produced the first mortality table known for "annua" who were living in allocations made once a year in exchange for a lump sum payment
  • 1776 -. the national pension program for soldiers was adopted in America before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He provided an annuity payment to the soldiers and their families
  • 1812 - .. The Pennsylvania Society for the granting of pensions was founded
  • 1935 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the social security Act. Social Security is essentially a life income annuity
  • 1940 -. Ida May Fuller became the first recipient of the Social Security. She received 35 payments totaling $ 22,000
  • 1952 - .. TIAA-CREF offered the first variable deferred annuity, allowing educators to invest some of their retirement shares as a hedge against inflation
  • 1986 - Congress passed a tax reform that was deferred annuities one of the few financial products where you can invest unlimited amounts and get the benefit of deferral tax
  • 2011 -. Sales of individual annuities reach $ 240 billion

are you a part of the almost half of Americans aged 45 to 70 who have no financial plan in place to protect against depleting their assets and the rising cost of healthcare should they live longer than expected? Security, safety and income, you can not survive. An annuity is the ideal investment for longevity and retirement planning

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Reduce your budget Not Your Insurance

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Reduce your budget Not Your Insurance -

There is no doubt that the recession has wreaked havoc with the household budget of most Americans. Revenue declined as prices rose, with "robbing Peter to pay Paul" a frequent, if desired, the activity every payday. As times get harder, you may be looking for ways to get your budget under control, evaluating each line item to see if it can be reduced or possibly even eliminated.

Although there are some places to reduce your insurance coverage should not be one of them. If you plan to cancel your life insurance policy to add a few dollars to your bank account, consider these points:

  • Chances are when you took the policy, you were healthy. Can you guarantee that the same will be true a few years from now, when you decide that you can afford to buy insurance again? If an unexpected illness occurs, the insurance coverage may not be an option.
  • If you are between 25 and 44, you might think you have plenty of time to worry about what would happen to your family when you die. But according to figures from CDC to 2010, about 112,178 of those who died were in the same age group, officials accidents by more than 34% of them.

However, knowing all the reasons to keep your current policy does not solve the economic problem. But a meeting with your insurance advisor can provide you some options. Start by discussing the situation and whether it is a temporary problem (you are between jobs, for example) or something more serious, such as a terminal illness.

In the latter case, your policy can allow you to enjoy an accelerated death benefit, where you can draw some or all of the death benefit for managing current expenses, with the remainder provided your beneficiaries upon your death. This can be very useful if you are unable to work and family depend on your income to pay the mortgage, for example.

Other possible solutions, depending on your situation, may include borrowing against your policy or allocating its cash value to pay premiums, which keeps in force. (Keep in mind which could reduce its cash value and amount of the death benefit.) Some policies come with flexible premiums, allowing you to pay more or less, or even skip premium. Even change the way you pay the premium monthly or quarterly rather than annually, can give you a little breathing room.

Other solutions offered by the website of the Insurance Division of the Oregon include conversion of your policy plan paid the policy, the death benefit reduction to reduce the amount of your premium payments or even ask your recipients to help them pay premiums so they can keep the financial protection you want for them.

Once you and your adviser have agreed a viable solution, it is time to take a hard look at your overall household budget. Look for areas where you can shave some of your outgo and save a little for unforeseen expenses. It is what money guru David Bach designates as taking Latte Factor-money spent on "small" wasteful spending and put it in your savings account. Just $ 5 per day the price of a latte in most regions may add up to an impressive $ 1,825 per year stashed away for a rainy day!

The key is to make the right choice not only for the immediate future but also for the long term. You made a wise decision when you bought your policy. Make another smart solution to keep strength for you and those you love.

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We have a Grown-Up Kind of Love

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We have a Grown-Up Kind of Love -

When Emilia was about 6 months old, Kyle and I used to get life insurance. At the time, I joked about it: we look! We're so mature! And adult! Adult, even! GO US. I also told the story of how, in the life insurance application process, a nurse visited our house to take blood samples and I fainted. Two times. These are the things that I felt more comfortable sharing this process: it made me feel like an adult, and it also made me faint.

The thing was, though, it was much more complicated than that. He was, as they say, loaded. The reason that getting a life insurance is a grown-up thing to do, why it feels so adult, is because it requires face the kind of reality that only adults, mostly are equipped to deal with, or that we become more mature in the process of confrontation: the fact that your life is, in fact, over, and it is quite within the bounds of possibility that you could reach the horizon of its finitude before you are ready. So you better be ready. Especially if you have kids

In a word :. You could die and leave your children without parents. Say it is sobering is underestimating things to the extreme. This is the kind of thing that makes you want to crawl under the covers with his fingers in his ears. This is the kind of thing we wish we could just push and refuse. But this is also the kind of thing that speaks loudly to the full force of parental love. This is the very definition of love: it is a love that confronts the fear and do not retreat. It is a love that looks at all the scary things in the world and wondered, what should I do to protect my family from these things? And what should I do to deal with the reality that despite all my efforts to fight it, bad things can still happen? It is a love that does not wear rose-colored glasses. It is a love that looks at life and the world and time and everything and strains to see as clearly as possible. This is not the kind of love we associate with Valentine; it is not warm and fuzzy and wrapped in red satin bows. But it is the most important embodiment of love, no doubt, because it is this love that cares and gives care, and actively fulfills its promise to honor and protect.

The issue of life insurance came back recently because of all the recent changes in our lives. When we got the life insurance there nearly six years, Kyle was the main breadwinner; I was a dependent spouse. That changed - it is reversed - and there are many things about this change, the inversion, which have been difficult for us. But we had to face, and name, and sign documents that said, now, you are the main breadwinner, and you are not; You must be fully assured, while you do not. This has not been easy. We had to wade through the thicket we live a different life now, a life that is difficult to navigate at times, a life that proves difficult sometimes for us to navigate as partners because the nature of the partnership has changed . But we did.

Because we are adults. And that's how we like now.

This is how we love.

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Shattered Lives

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Shattered Lives -
My first year managing the scholarship program life lessons, ME was presented to Giavanna Ficarra. As I watched his video submission requesting a scholarship, I remember feeling so saddened by his story. It brought tears to my eyes to hear that his father was a real estate developer, was killed, leaving behind her three daughters. To make matters worse, he did not renew his life insurance policy.

Every time I look, I remember how overwhelming life can be when a parent dies and there is no financial support those who remain. It is traumatic enough for teens to lose the most important person in their life, but having to worry about all the financial constraints before them is devastating.
Gigi said that if his father had life insurance "things would have worked differently," and I agree. If he would have had coverage at the time of his untimely death, so she could not to have lost the sense of stability and security, she speaks in her video.
the life lessons scholarship program receives hundreds of these stories all year. It is a program which linked students submit an essay of 500 words or three minute video describing the emotional and financial impact of the loss of a parent at a young age, and how the lack of life insurance has played a role in the finances of their families.
program objective is to help students get a college degree, while sharing the reality of the consequences when there is not enough life insurance or not. as you can imagine, these stories are powerful and sincere, and leave an everlasting impact.
over the past seven years, the LIFE Foundation has provided scholarships to nearly 300 students. Although these young adults have faced a devastating loss, they are remarkable in their determination. They understand the importance of education and strive to graduate. If their parents had sufficient coverage of life insurance, they might not have had to struggle as much as they did. And while they learned the hard way, they also understand how important it is to protect your family should the unthinkable occur.
In the words of one of our students life lessons, Brittnee Clary, "Although the hurt and pain caused by the loss of my father can never be facilitated by a sum of money, if my father had life insurance, it would have to focus more on the other during this dark period rather than on financial matters. "All too often it is a recurring theme.
I encourage you to read some of our lessons in life stories, as Chezeria Ortiz, and think about the people you love. If something were to happen to you today, would you have the comfort of knowing that they would be supported?
For more information on the study of our life lesson Scholarship Program or for an application, click here, then please share it with people you know in your community. The deadline to submit an entry is March 12.
If you would like to donate to the program, please click here.

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A Push From the Heart

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A Push From the Heart -

Greg Knoll and Melissa were in love college and married soon after graduation. Young and active, they were excited about the possibilities that the future and happy to be sharing the journey. While in their mid 20s, they began to make the future concrete buying a house and planning a family. They realized that this would be a good idea to talk to their insurance agent. It's a good thing they did, that life had an unexpected way for them to take.

Melissa tells its own story much better than me, so please watch.

[flv:/flash/flv/Knoll_Melissa.flv 500 281]

Every time I look at this video, I think the sadness that must have enveloped their families. It's hard not to cry. But I also think of Melissa's words and I wonder if it is a small silver lining: "I hope a young couple sees our message and pushes the heart to make a decision that will take care of their families. "I hope so, too.

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Women: Put your oxygen mask on financial

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Women: Put your oxygen mask on financial - First is
Several years, like many other women, I went through a divorce
There is a time difficult for all. involved, but as a financial professional, the experience reminded me how important it is for women to ask questions and be involved in financial decisions, large and small that affect the family now and in the future.
most people do 't enter the wedding more thinking than think they will become a widow divorce. Yet, women in this country have to clear many obstacles to a healthy financial future. They need to pay attention to simple-finance, married or not-because in one way or another there is a certain probability that they will only personal.
The reality is that women live longer than men. They need to expand their much longer retirement income and the likelihood of the need for additional dollars to help long-term care is a distinct probability. In 2010, about 40% of women over 65 were widows, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services 2011 report on older Americans. Nearly half of women aged 75 or over lived alone, and the median income'S older women is now a paltry $ 15,000, according to the report.
Is our future? This is not to what I want for my girls (Meredith Morgan on the left and right) or the daughters of someone else.
So, in addition to asking questions and taking notice, in my opinion, here is some food for thought for the next generation of women who are married or just thinking
bank accounts :. share joint accounts can help dissolve the mysteries of how and where the family income is spent. Many couples decide to split the costs evenly, but seriously consider having the employee pay more most of the bills. And consider trimming your own savings account in addition to the common responsibilities you may have
The debt before :. Does each spouse responsible for the debt of another committed before marriage and if so, to what extent? Keep the prior debt separate debtor spouse will contribute to the property of the other spouse remains out of reach of creditors
Retirement :. Saving enough for retirement should be a major financial goal for women. Women often spend more time in the labor market than men due to caregiving responsibilities, and because of this they are less likely to have pensions and social security benefits. According to the Ministry of Labour of the United States, women averaged 12 years in the paid labor market, primarily for care delivery functions. When they do work, women on average earn 80 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts
Insurance :. disability insurance can provide financial protection in case you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. The benefits of these policies can help you pay your bills. Similarly, life insurance can help provide financial security measure in case of death by providing funds for the children to go to college or keep with a mortgage payment.
Do not be stuck in the dark about your financial future. Make good choices now.

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New Year's Resolution: Get your life insurance ducks in a row

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New Year's Resolution: Get your life insurance ducks in a row -


  1. Review your beneficiaries 'life insurance
    too often, people buy life insurance, and leave the political sit there year after year without review that they have designated as beneficiary of the policy. A review of the beneficiaries is crucial because, after all, what good is life insurance if the death benefit will not be used by those who need it most? Situations that require a change of beneficiary are (among others!):

    • a change in marital status
    • one of your recipients is gone
    • you had more children

    It is equally important that you not only selected the main beneficiary okay, but make sure your secondary beneficiaries are labeled correctly so.

  2. Make sure you have enough life insurance coverage.

    Life insurance exists to help you protect your family financially if you were no longer in the picture. This protection tends to change over time. You may have been significant lifestyle changes have or had additions or subtractions to your family. Or, you might have had wage increases in recent years, providing your family with an increase in living standards. Remember, it is a good rule of thumb to make a cover that is 10 to 15 times your net income. If you purchased a policy a few years ago, the current amount of life insurance coverage could be your family to a loss if you do not address these changes. If you're not sure how much life insurance you may need, start by using life insurance to the nonprofit LIFE Foundation Calculator needs.
  3. Find out if you can save money on your life insurance policy.

    Look carefully underwriting class if you have anything less than the best rates on your policy. If you have been "evaluated" for health reasons (which means you pay the rate due to a higher health status), you can now qualify for much better life insurance rates if the condition is now under control or has existed for a long time. This is especially true if you are a smoker, had any type of cancer, lost weight or got your blood pressure or cholesterol under control.

    As you can see, there are several things you can do to make sure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to your life insurance. Taking 10 to 15 minutes to review your existing coverage, you make sure that your family is well covered.

  4. William Rowan is the founder of, a site-oriented term consumer education for life insurance and comparison. His only goal is for consumers to find the best life insurance policy for their individual situation.

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Do not you think?

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Do not you think? -

What would happen if you were to know that you have had cancer six months from now, you did not have coverage of Health Insurance? Imagine that you went to your doctor for your annual review feel good, and you said that the cancer. It is expensive, but definitely treatable. The cost for the duration of the treatment is $ 375,000, since you do not have a health insurance policy. Would you be able to write the check without blinking? Would you be able to work comfortably on a repayment schedule with the hospital and assume payments of what would essentially be a monthly mortgage extra payment? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need a comprehensive health insurance policy, do not you think?

What would happen to your spouse and children if you were to have a six-month car crash from now and instantly die without insurance coverage -life? Imagine that your spouse is able to obtain or maintain his / her work and find arrangements for the care of children while working full time. Does your spouse easily be able to afford the mortgage payment? What about pay auto loans? What to pay school loans? What about paying for a child's college? If the answer to these questions is no, then you need a life insurance policy, do not you think?

What would happen to your budget and the budgets of your family if you were to choose to go without a long -term care insurance, but years from now you end up having long-term care needs at a cost of $ 50,000 + per year? Imagine that you are in a situation where you absolutely must have specialized care, but you only have the funds available for a few months without payments decimate your retirement funds. Your health comes first is what would you do? If your budget is not able to manage the cost, and you could not bear to have a family member to pay for you (if they even have), then you need an insurance policy of long-term care, do you think?

Joel Ohman is a certified financial planner and founder of and has a life insurance agency and disease based in Tampa, Florida.

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11 million reasons why long term care insurance works

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11 million reasons why long term care insurance works -

In the world of long term care insurance, it seems like a broken record when it comes to the press: we will report what is wrong and what does not work, as this time online article. I guess if you take a broader look, which is what happens in all areas of life. Negative seems sell more newspapers (or get more eyeballs online).

I do not want to emphasize this part. I tried to balance a side information about long term care insurance that appears in the press in the posts on this blog, as when I addressed the hue and cry about the premium increase. Instead, I want people to hear what works specifically on long-term care insurance 11 million reasons distributed throughout the country.

Nearly $ 11 million that is how the top 10 long term care insurers pay on every day benefits to 5, 75 million insured, according to a new study by the American Association for long term care insurance (AALTCI). This adds to nearly $ 4 billion a year in money that goes into communities across the country to help people get long-term care they need.

Sometimes the numbers that large can make your head spin, so I'll make it personal to you. I have a colleague, Dave, who made a comprehensive financial planning for many years. Because he was not an expert in long term care insurance, he came to my aid. I helped Dave place long-term from nine households care insurance to many of them friends and neighbors. To date, seven customers have achieved their long-term care benefits. And there is not too long, Dave, now 85, called me to tell me it was time for me to help him with his request so that his wife has Alzheimer's disease. Two million of long-term care benefits sank in the neighborhood and the community of Dave because he helped plan every eventuality customers.

These are some of the numbers I wish the press would report. Until they do, however, I will continue to write and talk about them.

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Save less, work longer

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Save less, work longer -

Researchers tell us that the age of the intended retirement for American workers increases and people planning to work longer, as opposed to saving more.

Mathew researchers Greenwald & Associates, Inc. and the Employee Benefit Research Institute reported that only 68% of American workers said they or a spouse had tried to save for retirement , down from 75% in 09. the percentage of workers who said that it is reasonably possible for them to save $ 25 a week for retirement fell to 62% from 66% in 04.

only $ 100 a month or $ 10 per year. At this low rate, these workers do not expect to be retired for long. The percentage of workers who expect to retire after 65 years increased to 36% from 25% in 06, and the percentage who expect to work in retirement has increased to 74% from last year. The researchers found that workers with less than $ 100,000 in savings are especially nervous about retirement.

This is a truly incredible number of this research. More than half of workers (56%) indicated that the total value of savings and investments in their household, excluding the value of their primary residence and any defined benefit plans, was less than 25 $ 000, and only 42% of workers said they or their spouses have tried to calculate how much money they might need to save to live comfortably in retirement.

Although the report does not give income range of people involved in the study, I found the lack of understanding and preparation for the shocking retirement. As an industry involved in financial and retirement planning, we must do a better job of providing financial literacy to guide people in these decisions and to motivate them to take action. This is the purpose of the LIFE Foundation.

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Well-educated, but not when it comes to retirement

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Well-educated, but not when it comes to retirement -

I am often amazed at how bright, well-educated, wealthy professionals have little notion of what should be considered as part of their retirement and future financial planning.

recently a friend of mine in his late 50s told me he was retiring in about a year from his position as senior manager with a fairly large regional company. He said, "Joe, you're a CPA. Can you recommend someone who can help advise and manage my investments for retirement?"

I I explained that it is not so simple. I said, "By opening, you need a caring counselor who can meet all your financial needs and how they mesh with your lifestyle, your family and your dreams. It is not only on the main management and provide an income stream. You must ensure you do not outlive your assets, your spouse and family are protected, you can handle a situation of long-term care, you can leave a legacy, and frankly, you can load the bases of bucket list you and your spouse have set for your retirement years. "

I told him that I help him find a counselor that he and his spouse would feel comfortable with and with whom he could develop a relationship based on trust. Meanwhile, I gave him a few websites to browse for information. I told him an absolute "must check" was retirees and pre-section / retirees. People really need some basic understanding of the options to consider before you even start the retirement planning process.

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This Moment made possible by My Paycheck

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This Moment made possible by My Paycheck -
Quick! Give me the first answer that pops into your head. What is your most valuable asset?
Did you say: "My home!" Or perhaps, "My car!" The two answers is logical, but neither is correct. If you are like most people, your most valuable asset is actually your paycheck. It's what pays for your house and car and all the other things you have in your life.
at the lIFE Foundation, we believe it is time to pay a little tribute to this underrated asset of your check pay. this is why, in may, which is disability insurance awareness Month, we are running the "this Moment made possible by my Paycheck" photo competition. Right after a photo with a caption a special moment that your paycheck is made possible, and if VIE chooses your photo as the winning time, you will receive a gift card for $ 500.
if you just take a couple minutes to reflect on the magnitude of what our wages help us do, it's amazing what we can find. Watch these two entries:

Now imagine if your paycheck was to stop due to an unexpected illness or injury. You would probably encounter most likely problems earlier, rather than later, trying to make ends meet. That's why we believe it is important to not only our paycheck accessories, but to protect it with insurance Disability consider it as insurance for your paycheck. To learn more, visit site.

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Women continue to underestimate their own value

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Women continue to underestimate their own value -

In 3rd Annual Worth Penn Mutual for Survey women were asked to women and men to place a monetary value the work they do away from their jobs. Both groups put the estimate in dollars to about $ 25,000 per year. Respondents were then asked to list the hours spent doing a variety of jobs or services, such as laundry, meal preparation and child care. When Penn Mutual calculated the value reported actual hours doing housework, they found that men overestimate the value of what they do almost 13%. However, women were found to underestimate the value of everything they do for their homes and families.

When the actual median value of services has been calculated, the contribution of women in the home was $ 34,256 against $ 19,322 for men. Men were 9% more likely to overestimate their contribution of $ 30,000 or more. Remember, this is for domestic activities. The person most likely to underestimate its value is the mother of a minor child. Its calculated penalty is $ 44,913 while its perceived value is only $ 29,000. More than half (52 percent) of these women underestimate their value by at least $ 10,000; 36 percent do so by at least $ 30,000.

Although the survey may suggest that men have started to make more significant contributions to household operations, there are serious consequences for women and men who underestimate the value of what are women next to a job outside.

Penn Mutual says they often see evidence that women underestimate their value to their families-with serious consequences or tragic when that work has to be replaced by strangers after the untimely death of wife or mother. The survey revealed that women have much less coverage than men, with the amount of the median individual coverage for women was $ 100,000 compared to $ 150,000 for men.

Although it may be possible for other family members to fill the gap of a missing mother, there will still be costs associated with that. So, how is the wife or mother is worth? Suppose it is 15 years before the children leave home. At $ 40,000 per year of service would require $ 400,000 of capital with a rate of 10% per year invested 5% annual withdrawal to replace its services for 15 years. At the end of 15 years, the capital is fully utilized.

How to create $ 400,000 when it is most needed? Life insurance. Talk to your agent or advisor about it today. And if you do not have it, you can use the Agent Locator tool.

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Graduates of the College Feel "Empowered" by debt

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Graduates of the College Feel "Empowered" by debt -

I was surprised by the New York Times as "College Students Do not look at debt as a burden." Of course, I had to read the article to see what was happening. Then the surprise turned to shock. According to the article, debt average student loan for college graduates in 08 was over $ 23,000. Add to that the fact that students have at least one credit card carried an average of over $ 4,000 in debt on it. This heading towards $ 30,000 of debt! In perspective, the average salary of a person graduate this year is $ 46,000 that is if they can find a job, the unemployment rate hovering near double digits.

But that's not what shocked me. Many students need loans to pay for college. No loan does not mean education. I understand. It is what they said next that lead me to think that I'm living in a parallel universe. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or stressed by debt, they feel "power." Yes, you read correctly. According to a study by Ohio State University, many students feel empowered by reason than money.

The article continues: "More college loans and credit card debt that young adults 18-27 have, the more self-esteem and control more they feel they have on their lives. They tend to see the positive debt, rather than as a burden. "

Where is the reality check? Where are their living relatives this? Where were they the message the debt, especially credit card debt, is a boost self-esteem?

Although it seems strange college education graduate something so fundamental, they need to understand these three basic principles- and hopefully start practicing:

  1. Get debt under control
  2. start saving
  3. Protect your assets

this page for singles, and this page for those with young families can help with information and links the bottom line. There is no debt financial security


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For all stages of the life of a woman

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For all stages of the life of a woman -

The life of a woman can be defined in stages, from childhood to the reproductive years and beyond. And while each woman deals with these life stages differently and made choices that were made for her, all women should have adequate insurance to protect their needs and those that may be based on them.

Life Insurance
life insurance is a key component of financial planning, the protection of those who remain in ensuring that they are not burdened by debts or can not cope with financial costs being after the loss. But according to LIMRA, a third of women are not covered by life insurance, while those are assured carry only enough to replace their income for three to four years (depending on their personal income) compared to the experts recommendations. seven to 10 years

studying statistics lifejackets Genworth Financial 2011 is equally alarming 6 million households (10% of families with children under 18 years) have no insurance life, and in single-parent families, more than half of single mothers are not insured.

But the numbers tell only part of the story. It is the impact of these figures on spouses and children who really emphasize the importance of having adequate life insurance. Be it a housewife or career woman or a combination of both, a woman makes an important contribution to his family. However, too often the work of the dollar value do women in their homes-calculated $ 34,256 a year and up to $ 44,913 for a mother of a minor child, according to Penn Mutual Worth for Women Survey, is rarely into account when choosing the amount of coverage of life insurance.

While no amount of money can replace the loss of a mother or wife, adequate life insurance policy can help provide child care, college education or replace it produces income while living.

Disability Insurance
We all want to believe we will be able to live life to the fullest, but accidents, injuries and illness can change the future in a moment . According to a LIFE Foundation survey, three out of 10 women can expect to suffer a disability that keeps them out of work for 0 days or more at some point during their working years. The result of a disability can be a crushing burden, both financially and emotionally.

• If the woman is an employee, the financial contribution may discontinue, temporarily or permanently, depending on its condition.
• If it is able to manage its myriad domestic and family responsibilities, there may be an additional expense of hiring someone to take his place.
costs • Out-of-pocket associated with disability can become an additional burden on an already depleted income.

Although disability insurance can not go back and get back some capacity has been lost, it can provide the insured with financial support to move forward in the new situation of life and reduce the burden on the family budget.

long-term care insurance
with disability insurance, long term care insurance tends to fall in the category "I'll think about it later" when women are doing their financial planning. However, "later" may be sooner than they might think. It's not just the elderly who have to worry about the need to pay for the long-term care. While 75 percent of people aged 65 and over will eventually need long-term care, according to industry estimates, 40 percent of patients receiving long term care are younger than 65.

the best time for women to consider long-long term care insurance is when they are in their 40s, when premiums will be lower. While it can be bought when a woman is in their 50s and 60s, the cost will be higher (much less than the overall cost of care) and the greatest risk that health problems can affect the qualification.

The transition through life stages can be both exciting and challenging. But with the guidance of an agent or advisor, the trip can be smoother and safer for women and their families. To help you find a counselor, if you do not have it, click here.

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Silver-Ours, Yours, Mine

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Silver-Ours, Yours, Mine -

Money was on the mind of everyone these days. The debt ceiling crisis being pushed at the 11th hour had everyone on pins and needles. Add to this degradation of Standard & Poor rating of US credit, the roller coaster ride of the stock market ... and it keeps getting more complex. I looked around to see if I could find a simple explanation of some of these concepts, and ran across some infographics I wanted to share. It helps put the problem and how it looks in striking relief.

This is what the debt of the United States looks like in terms you can view a-building. Yet it is truly unfathomable.

Nothing like a infographic movement to bring it on home as well. Check the clock of debt.

This is infographic shows how the national debt has changed in the last decade ... greatly simplified, but it helps to pave the way to where we are.

So my googling got me into more personal territory. I wanted to see where the money of an average person goes. This shows how the average American spends his (or her) money. Housing takes an average of just under $ 17,000. Phew! (I know these data from the US Department of Labor, as we used during our campaign to highlight the importance of protecting your paycheck with disability insurance.)

Then, of course, you want to know what your kids are really cost you. Can it be? (I think they should have the class erupted just for how much diapers cost.) And you thought the life insurance to cover these costs in case something were to happen to you, right?

And just because I hate it when people talk about how much money I could save for retirement if I stopped to get a coffee mug ... I added this. Hmmm, which one to choose?

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Awareness of life insurance Month starts today!

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Awareness of life insurance Month starts today! -

Today is September 1st and while many people might chalk up to your average Thursday LIFE here it feels a bit like Christmas morning. We waited all year in preparation for today is the official start of a very important observation. It is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), when all Americans are encouraged to ensure that they receive adequate protection life insurance.

Why do we set aside time on the calendar to ask the Americans to focus on this issue? Because we would be remiss if we did not have it. An alarming number of Americans have no life insurance, leaving their families in a precarious financial situation. Nobody knows what the future holds. Having life insurance can mean the difference between your loved ones face a future of financial security or financial ruin.

But you do not have to take me. When I talk to people who have personally made the decision to get life insurance, their feelings of safety and comfort immediately come through. Take for example the basketball and reality TV star, Lamar Odom, the spokesman LIAM this year. He lost his mother to colon cancer when he was only 12, but as he says in our new public service announcement: "I had options, because my mother had planned in advance ... life insurance gave me the foundation to move forward in my life. "The purchase of life insurance was one of the first things he did when he entered the NBA and now that he is married with two children of his own, he knows the importance of have this coverage to ensure that the people he loves will be provided for. It's a powerful feeling that only those who have a life insurance policy can really understand.

We recently sat down with him for Lamar talk about his history and his personal decision to purchase life insurance and wanted to share some of this interview with you today. you can also read the full interview here

lIFE :. you have a good story about how life insurance made a difference in your life, but why did you decide to go above and beyond by assuming the role of door floor-to life insurance awareness Month

Lamar Odom: I am honored when the lIFE Foundation asked me to serve as spokesman. My mother died of colon cancer when she was just 35. It was a very difficult time for me because we were so close. Fortunately my grandmother was there for me. If it was not for her and that we had financial stability because of the life insurance of my mother, I'm not sure I'd be where I am today. Too many Americans believe that this will not happen to them and did not make the kind of planning that my mother did. Unfortunately, they leave their families financial future to chance. I hope that by sharing my story more people will take action for themselves and their families with life insurance to protect

LIFE :. When did you become aware of how life insurance your mother has made such a difference in your life

LO: I do not think I realized until j 'approaching the end of high school and started talking to my grandmother on issues related to money. My grandmother was really amazing and kept things quite normal for me after my mother died. But I do not think she could keep things as normal as it did without the money from the life insurance policy of my mother

LIFE :. You went to college for several years before turning pro. life insurance he played a role in this decision

LO: It certainly did. Very few 18 can jump into the NBA and succeed immediately. In fact, many are struggling and frustrated, and that can be a big setback to their careers. When high school, I knew it would be better not to turn pro immediately. And because my mother had life insurance, I did not need to win a straight salary. I had the opportunity to go to college for a few years, and mature as a player and as a person

LIFE :. If you were talking to a couple with children n 't have life insurance, what would you say to them

LO: I share my story and talk about the difference that life insurance has in my life. Many people do not think they'll ever need life insurance, but how do you know? My mother did not, but look how his decision to buy a life insurance policy out to be

LIFE :. How do you feel to know that thousands of people can buy life insurance because your message motivated to take action

LO: It really is a great feeling. I am honored that the LIFE Foundation gave me the opportunity to share my story. I'm a big believer in giving back. If you are lucky enough to succeed, I think you have a responsibility to give back and try to help others. This is a great cause, and I am proud to be a part of it.

You can see why we are so pleased to have Lamar in our yard this year (pardon the pun) because, in all sincerity, we know his story is one that will resonate with a lot of. Whatever your age or situation, there are people who depend on you, you need life insurance. LIAM And this is all about -. To help educate people about the importance of proper insurance planning and encourage millions who do not have adequate cover to take steps now to protect their families

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For Better or Worse, For Richer or

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For Better or Worse, For Richer or - ...

Despite the fact that half of marriages end in divorce, we never really do that they will divorce. Entering the wedding, we all think we are in the other 50%.

When you go through a divorce there is so much to think about. So much to negotiate with someone you try to separate yourself from. However, once you have children, you're really attached to that other person forever ... several days I thought, "Well, this is what is meant by a better or worse part of those greeting marriage. "

So in the middle of thinking about child care, housing, child support, alimony, who will get the antique armoire that you both like (me), the grid (him), life insurance is not the first thing that comes to mind. Or at least it was not for us. We are both young (ish) and healthy. both our parents lived to ripe old ages.

what are you doing about life insurance when you decide to divorce?

We had to consider what the Average life insurance. what kind of life do we want our children to be able to have if one of us is not there? When I got married, I used to joke with my husband that I wanted he has enough life insurance so that if I were forced to live without him, it would be at least in a style to which I'd become accustomed. There is some truth in that. If my children lose one of us, I will not add to the loss by subjecting them to a financial burden.

we've added all the years of support for children who need to be replaced. The college fund , music lessons, summer camps, sports equipment, ed driver During the SAT, the list continued and so on. We examined each and had the exact even thought, "Damn these children are expensive ." Followed quickly by, "Who had the idea to have them in the first place?"

Oh, I'm kidding. Who would want to give up nights without sleep, without disturbing end paycheck deposit directly into the bank account of the pediatrician?

We added all these things and then some to our final figure. Although we are divorcing each other, we both recognize that not having financial difficulties makes us better parents. And most of all, we both want the other to be the best parents that we can be for our children.

based on my experience with friends who have gone through divorce, they allowed their animosity for their former spouse to cloud their thinking. they viewed politics life insurance benefiting somehow their former spouse, instead of children. As if they imagined the person greedily rubbing their hands over their graves while fantasizing about a new sports car.

When our youngest child reaches 21 , we can legally do what we want with our policy of life insurance and designate a new beneficiary. In all likelihood, we will always keep the other list. the amount may be changed. Maybe there will be new policies with new partners added. It is still a long absence. But one thing I am certain, and it is very little I am sure these days divorce is no one else in this world has the best interest of our children at heart the way that we do. And even in the midst of arguing, bickering, and generally fool to another, it is important to remember that.

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