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Documents End of Life: What are they and what I Need

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Documents End of Life: What are they and what I Need -

I recently read an article by Jean Cherni in the New Haven Register, who discussed the need for end? life planning family shadow documents. And what are these documents and why do you need? Here is a summary:

No. 1 :. durable power of attorney This shall appoint another person to transact business, legal and financial for you until you die

Why do you need Let's say you are. ? incapacitated by an accident or illness, it allows the person you have chosen to act for you and quickly. This can help you avoid many problems, including guardianship and trusteeship rights difficult to obtain. (If you're not sure that one of these two terms mean, this article makes it clear.)

No. 2 :. Appoint a health care representative As with the first document that allows someone to act on your behalf to make health care decisions if you are unable. It allows them to do things such as the review of health records, authorize admission or discharge from the hospital and take decisions on vital medical procedures.

Why do you need? You will have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled as you want, especially regarding vital medical procedures. It also avoids the arguments of the family about who should have the last word.

No. 3 :. Directives or living care ADVANCE This puts in writing the decisions you've made about your health care instructions, if you will, to your doctor so that your wishes are followed if you are unable to articulate.

Why do you need? it provides, for example, you receive the treatment you have decided in advance if you are terminally or unconscious phase permanently.

It helps to ensure that the treatment you receive in a terminal condition or permanently unconscious are together with your wishes and advises your health care representative.

No. 4: A will or revocable trust . This puts in writing who will inherit your property when you die, and how. Both documents can help eliminate, prevent or postpones taxes that are payable when you die. A lawyer can help you decide which of these documents is best for you.

Why do you need this? If you do not have a will or a revocable living trust, essentially the government will be able to decide how and to whom your assets are distributed, and it may not be the ones you want .

These legal documents require the guidance of a qualified legal counsel to ensure they meet the requirements of your state of residence, and if you already have them, but have moved to a new state, they should be checked for their compliance with the laws of your state.

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