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A sad reality: Burials funded by taxpayers upwards

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A sad reality: Burials funded by taxpayers upwards -
I recently read an article that really bothered me. He said the taxpayer-funded funeral in Delaware County, Ind., Ont risen sharply in recent years. In 05, the county has paid for 15 burials for those who could not afford to bury their loved ones. In 2011, the number of spikes Graves 38 and this year they are on a similar pace.
The article started with the story of Richard Keafer, who died on Christmas Day in 2011. Richard was one of the 38 people whose relatives could not afford to pay for a burial. His fiancee, Joann, felt terrible to have to turn to government assistance. But she has no choice. Richard has not set aside money for his funeral, and he did not have life insurance.
It would not take much to have spared Richard Joann pain and embarrassment of having to turn the government for something as basic as a dignified burial. A small amount of face life insurance policy would have been the case. What it would have cost to buy Richard a political long-term 25 000 30 $? A few dollars a month?
As difficult as the past years have been for many Americans, almost everyone can afford a certain amount of life insurance. He returns to set the right priorities. And unfortunately, life insurance is not high on the priority lists of most people. I guess Richard and Joann sometimes went to dinner. They were probably a cable television service. Surely they could have found a few dollars in their monthly budget to buy a small life insurance policy.
If funded funeral taxpayers are on the rise in central Indiana, I can very well make sure they are on the rise in most parts of the country. The number of uninsured Americans has increased sharply over the past six years.
Today there are 95 million Americans adults who do not have life insurance.
If you are one of them, do your loved ones a favor and please learn from the experience of Richard. It's pretty hard to lose a loved one. Do you really want to aggravate their pain by leaving them without the means to pay, even for your funeral?

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