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14 weeks in New Financial You

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14 weeks in New Financial You -

I would venture to say that most people struggle with finances-striking that balance between spending and saving. When taking into account the credit cards, or in fact the misuse of credit cards, it's easy to see how this balance can get out of whack. Among households with credit cards, the average debt on them was $ 15,352- average , according to an analysis of federal statistics by

I would add to this the fact that most people who would attack the debt or find the financial balance right are discouraged because they do not know where to start or where to find the right information.


Enter the book "Soldier of Finance," written by Certified Financial Planner Jeff Rose, founder of, and a frequent contributor to US News & World Report, MarketWatch and this blog, among others. He gives a 14-week "boot camp" easy to understand to help you overcome your fear, break bad habits and get back on track.

He weaves in his personal experience of being in the military-it is a combat veteran in Iraq, but it is really about life lessons, and not weapons and combat. as he says, "in dealing with my own finances the mentality that I learned in the army, I find the resources and the attitude that I had to get out of debt and begin a successful investment program. "

Yes, to get out of debt and to a point that you have money to invest in your future takes discipline of military discipline, but this book makes it manageable by breaking it into weekly tasks, discover where you are, to repay debt, to get started investing. In the chapter "Your Body Armor", it also gives good advice on the importance of insurance, including life insurance. In addition, each chapter has a checklist of "Go / No Go" (love!) And a summary for those who are "play or disputed attention."

It's a new year then why not take a 14 weeks stab at a new financial life with "Soldier of Finance"? As the book says, "Ask yourself a simple question:" Am I serious about taking control of my financial life If the answer is yes, then the time commitment is now?. "... and the book gives you the know-how.

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