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It is a hard path When a parent dies With No Life Insurance

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It is a hard path When a parent dies With No Life Insurance -

Meet Melina. She is one of the most remarkable woman young and determined that I have ever met. Take just 60 seconds to watch his story:

It took courage for her to share a personal story of losing her mother and how she had to work so hard to get where she is. Melina was chosen to be first in a public service announcement (PSA) for the Scholarship Program of life lessons studies.

This is a very important program that helps bound students who have lost a parent to realize a dream of a college education. Unfortunately, these students experiencing financial difficulties due to a dying parent with little or no life insurance. Each year we receive thousands of scholarship applications, and since the beginning of the program, we granted a total of $ 0,000 in scholarships. But for every student who receives a scholarship, we must turn away thousands more. In an effort to bring more attention to this powerful program we decided to create this PSA to share the story of Melina.

The PSA was shot in Las Vegas on a sweltering summer 110 degree day. We spotted several locations for filming, including my favorite- Anthem Park. Melina said she would often visit this nature point of view clear his mind and briefly forget terminal illness of his mother. The view overlooks the whole of Las Vegas. Although this is a short hike to get up there, it was a sight breathtaking. We turned right at dusk, when all the city lights turn on. It was amazing and surprisingly quiet in such a noisy city famous.

I remember Melina said she can now go to this place not in sorrow, but in the assessment of how far she has come. When we were together, she also said how grateful she was for the life lessons Scholarship Program to help get her life back on track, and credits his scholarship with financial weight lifting many of its shoulders.

There are still thousands of students as Melina struggling forcefully without their parent or parents and need a helping hand. You can help with your tax-deductible donation. To make a donation to the Scholarship Program of life lessons studies, click here .

And finally, I would just ask parents reading this who have young children to think about the consequences of not having life insurance or enough of it. Would you what happened to Melina to get to your children? Otherwise, take action now to get the coverage you need. Start here.

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