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Want to help a student struggling? Your vote can help

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Want to help a student struggling? Your vote can help -

May high schooler Breann suffered something few can imagine. She lost both parents. His mother died the day after being seen by doctors for leg pain they were unable to diagnose. His father died a few days later of a heart attack.

His father had no life insurance, and left no other financial resources. Breann said that while his mother had life insurance, his stepdad, "ended up taking all the money. ... With nobody to support me financially, and from my last year, I know that the college will be difficult to pay. "

Thea was a student in high school when his" Papa "had a debilitating stroke right in front of her. He was in a coma for two years. Meanwhile, she graduated from high school, but has delayed his college plans to work two jobs. "The money I earned helped my mother and me survive," she said.

When he died in January, he left the family without life insurance. Thea said that having her life insurance "would have made a life-changing difference." She is determined to get a college education, however, that his father taught him the importance of education. "He wanted to give me the life he never had," she said.

Both students are recipients of $ 7,500 scholarships Life Lessons Scholarship Program, which helps college bound students experiencing financial difficulties due to a dying relative and leaving little or no life insurance. You can help by voting along that should receive the scholarship of $ 15,000 Video.

Click here and look at their videos on the move. Thank you not to forget to vote and share the link!

In addition, you can make tax-deductible contributions to individual life lessons Scholarship Program, which will fund scholarships for students as Breann and Thea, which making the dream of a college education a reality. To make your donation online, click here.

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