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Thanks to the recovery drive to - Disability Insurance

At 26, Michael Sizemore was alive two of his dreams. Never athlete, he was training to participate in his first marathon. And he enjoyed his new position calling for the unemployed and the disadvantaged in the community through non-profit organization where he worked. After years of studies and earning his master's degree in public administration, he felt ready to start the mission of his life to helping others.

Both these dreams collapsed around him one night while he was out with friends. As they walked down the street, a drunk driver ran a red light at high speed and hit Michael.

His injuries were so severe, including major head injuries, the doctors did not know if he would survive. He was placed in an induced coma and his parents rushed to his side. There were countless surgeries to treat his head injuries, repair broken legs and face the multitude of other injuries he suffered

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disability insurance makes the difference
With the strength, determination and a lot of rehabilitation, Michael improves every day, including being able to walk again. But during the three years it has taken, he was unable to return to work. Instead, he focused on long-term disability insurance he had through work, which Jimmy Jacobs agent had helped his employer has implemented. With it, he was able to pay rent and utilities, and afford to keep his truck.

Although his life will never be like before, Michael hopes he will be able to work again soon. And he attributes his disability with helping him get there. "I'm always rebuild my life and myself," he said. "My disability was key. I would not be where I am without him. "

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